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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

crooked  local  politicians  still  not  out  of  office  yet

flash floods wash creek fences for 3rd time in three years, but

first  week  of  November  2013.  This  is  the  third  time  in the last  three years  that  100-year flash  floods, caused in part by the real estate developments upstream, which  floods are  Acts  of  God,  have  washed  down  the  fences  along  Clearfork  Creek,  including fences  of the Lockhart State Park, State of Texas,  which  has not  repaired same,  Wiegand  fences,  Fredrica Kinnard  fences,  William Bill McNeal fences,  Pegasus  School  fences  of Dollie Reynolds Cole and her son,  Caldwell County  fences,  and  fences  belonging  to other private property  owners on Clearfork Creek,  both  inside  and outside the city limits of Lockhart.  But  I  am  the  ONLY  person that  the dirty crooked corrupt local policitians  have  indicted for felony theft of fences along Clearfork Creek,  using falsified  affidavits by three  deputies of the Caldwell County Sheriff´s  Office and  one mentally-ill marijuana smoking addict.    There are a small group of illegal locals  trying  to put their  dirty  crooked  fingers into my inheritance,  like they took  my  ParkWay Subdivision away from me  by  twisting state and and breaking federal  laws, like they are doing now,  to  put these properties into their names instead of mine.  These  local  politicians  should  be  voted  out of office  by the Caldwell County voters,  to  stop  such  illegal  activities by public officials.  And include Tom Bonn  and  Richard Regan Trey Hicks  III in Lockhart, Caldwell County, Texas.  One  of the previous  Caldwell County  District Attorneys before Hicks III,  Richard Fielder, was indicted and disbarred by the State Bar of Texas,  and that is what the Texas Bar should do to Hicks in 2014, or  bar  him  from  re-election to public office,  and  the  Texas  Commission on Judicial  Conduct should  do  to  Tom  Bonn,  or  bar  him from  re-election  to public  office  perpetually, including  2014 elections.

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