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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

Caldwell County TX Tax Protest Board insults taxpayers 17 August 2020 Monday

Caldwell County Tax Protest Board insults taxpayers 17 August 2020 Monday phone 202 239 8117

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After filling out tax protest forms in January, and again in July 2020, and then waiting until 17 August 2020 for my turn to be heard;  the leader of the Caldwell County TX Tax Protest Board knowingly went on the speaker phone and mumbled.  The board was 20 minutes late to the appointed hour of 10:00 am.  None of the board members apologized for this 20 minutes delay.  Instead, the female board leader mumbled something, and said, "You have five minutes to make each of your protest presentations."  I said loudly into my speaker phone, "Bull Shit !  I  have as much time as I want." We went through the normal comparisons of values, and the reasons why.  But the biggest complaint I have, and have had, with Caldwell County corrupt present-day so-called politicians, and former has-been politicians, is that they denied my combat Texas veterans 100% disability exemption to stop all Caldwell County taxes on my homestead.  This is a greater insult that mumbling into their speaker phone in such a way that I could not hear what they were saying, so I repeatedly shouted, "I can NOT hear you. Please speak more loudly and / or get closer to your speaker phone."  They each and all know this, and this is an illegal method of denying the required information to the taxpayer, i.e., me.
Throughout my life, I have had continuous problems with Caldwell County and its corrupt local politicians and the Caldwell County TX Appraisal District.  They have discriminated against me illegally for several reasons,  the most obvious reasons are 1.  I have dual USA  and Mexican citizenship, and 2.  I have had an international career as international petroleum consultant in over 25 countries.   3. Besides that, my 141.38 acre tract CCAD13489 stands in their way of extending Martin Luther King Industrial Blvd. inside the city limits of Lockhart, Caldwell County, TX; and 4.  with four  university degrees, they have always seen me as "an uneducated outsider", even though I have lived almost 75 years in Caldwell County, Texas, and done things that one-county country bumpkins can not even imagine, including  day-before-yesterday surviving the Devil's Backbone Sierra Madre Oriental deadly mountain road, in my return from Mazatlan, Sinaloa (Chapo's home state).
Therefore,  I will appeal today's wrongful denials of my rightful exemptions and real estate classifications. Eventually, I hope to bring a civil lawsuit against Caldwell County in a Texas state district court, and transfer it to a Federal court in Austin.  I told them so.  Frederick Wiegand Jr.  Tel.  202  239 8117 //  Tel.  210  399  5831 //  Tel.  512  938  7045  //  WhatsApp  01152  824  105  9207
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