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Wiegand 141.38 acres for sale near Austin, Texas, 6,798,999 US Dollars cash, no minerals

China  pumpjacks  and  sucker  rods // Wiegand is agent  in  Mexico

China pump jacks and sucker rods / Wiegand agent in Mexico

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640s  and  320s
API  sucker  rods  1/2 inch,  5/8 inch,  3/4 inch  and  one inch standard
high  quality steel,  pump jacks and sucker  rods  made in China
good  for  pumping  oil and gas wells in Mexico
can  run them to  3000  meters  with Wiegand Drilling  Rig  Number  1
Wiegand  now  has  three backhoes  to work  in  Mexico 

For  assistance  in  repairing, drilling,  and  working  over  oil and gas  well in Mexico,  
contact  Fred  Wiegand  Jr.
24x7  Telcel  52  824  100 4183  WhatsApp  
China  triplex  mud  pumps  and  matching  mud  motors are used on the Wiegand Rig #1 swabbing / drilling rig to drill Horizontal oil & gas wells in Mexico.