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Wiegand 141.38 acres for sale near Austin, Texas, 2.75 million US Dollars cash

crushed  rock  for  sale in 50 kg bags

crushed rock for sale in 50 kg bags

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crushed  marble rock,  white, crystalline,  shiny reflectance, for decorative sidewalks, swimming pool areas,  porches with cement  & brick inlays,  made in Mexico.
crushed  volcanic lava  rock,  dark,  red,  light-weight, abrasive, pumice, non-slip surfaces on walkways, yard areas,  excellent for decorations around the swimming pool, back yard, front driveway, sidewalks,etc., made in Mexico.
both  sold  in   50  kilogram  nylon bags, and shipped  from Monterrey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

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