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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

international project management and sales

international oil, gas and mining project management and sales

Having worked in many countries as wellsite supervisor, drilling consultant, drilling superintendent, international petroleum engineer, international petroleum and mining geolosit, in more than 26 countries;
Frederick Wiegand II
is more than fully qualified to perform international services for NOCs, national oil company, multinational oil companiues, mining companies, international investors, independent producers, international venders, and wealthy international investors of all kinds, including persona fisica and persona moral.
He speaks English and Spanish with native fluency, and travels internationally for meetings, field trips, work assignments, etc.
His Texas notary public license #792880-7 is valid through15 November 2020.   He attended MLK Law School in Houston, TX, but did not complete the State of Texas bar
exam, and was a student member of the Texas State Bar for many years.  He attended a Roman law course in Mexico City and has studied the Mexican Codes of Law in Spanish.  He has hired Mexican lawyers and updated one Mexican corporation and made another, both of which are active in Mexico as of this date of 1 October 2018 A.D.
He has hired international law firms with offices in Monterry, Nuevo Leon state, Mexico, and has had many years of experiences with lawyers in the United States of America USA.
He obeys the Codes of Ethics of  Texas professional engineers, international geologists, and USA federal government service men.  With his abilities and experiences, international investors and businessmen have asked for his help and services to 1.  evaluate international oil & gas investments, 2.  evaluate international mining investments, 3.  evalute purchasea and sales of large ranches and lands in several countries up to 15,000 hectares woth millions of USDollars,  4.  manage the international investment projects, including buying and selling office large buildings and apartment buildings and commercial propertie, and design and execute international  oil and gas well projects to explore for and discover new oil and gas fields worldwide.  Previously,  he held Texas real estate licenses, but does not use those anymore because most of his business is international.

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