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a  lawsuit  using  a  dead  man's  name !  unethical,  immoral, and legally corrupt !

more corruption in city of Lockhart, county of Caldwell, state of Texas

Civil Lawsuit  2009 - Other - 0369, filed in April 2009 in the Texas state district courts of Caldwell County, State of Texas, has been finished by the 7th COA in Amarillo, TX.  Due to  ethical  conflicts  in the laws and conduct of Texas state district court  judges in the state of Texas, especially Todd Blomerth. former city of Lockhart attorney in Caldwell County, TX;   the case has been finished by the 7th Court of Civil Appeals in Amarillo, TX  7 COA 07-15-0406.    The Wiegand Ranch  can  be  sold  with  a judgment in favor of sister and niece, which is a removable cloud on the title due to the civil  lawsuit  over the Southwest fence of the  Wiegand Ranch.  Today, there is a title company preparing a title opinion for an out of state buyer.  I will not work through any Fielder Lockhart title opinion company on the sale.  Buyer has found another title opinion company outside of Lockhart, TX.   This lawsuit was filed in April 2009. I  have  been  told  that  one  Texas state district  judge  has  resigned  during this pendency. Or maybe Todd Blomerth was not re.elected and has disappeared from the Texas district court circuits, to my knowledge.  My  complaints to the Texas  Commission  on Judicial Conduct and the United  States  Attorney General  for  illegal  and wrongful discrimination have NOT  officially  caused  any public repercussions nor indictments yet, which I am still requesting.   Elections in 2016 fixed part of this local problem.  This  wrongful  attempt  to steal  my  inherited properties in Caldwell County, Texas,  by  some  crooked local  politicians,  some of whom have been outsted from Texas politics by land-owning voters.  I  challenge  and  contest  these  court decisions  publicly. The Texas state district judge  who  recused himself for ethical reasons, was apparently the same unethical judge who signed the criminal suit, accusing me of the theft from my sister of $7500 fence T posts which she built on my Wiegand land.   I returned from Vietnam for that illegal and wrongful harrassment by the local politicians and had the misdemeanor criminal lawsuit dismissed.  This  was  illegal, criminal,  and wrongful  harrassment and discrimination, instigated by public officials within the City of Lockhart, TX,   with the criminal intent  to frighten  me and threaten me and my family into  signing  away my inherited lands inside the city of Lockhart,  like they conspired to steal my Parkway Subdivision in the city of Lockhart, County of Caldwell, State of Texas, using an illegal shooting range next to my home, to run me out of town.
Among other unpleasant things, and as a comparison to other of my complaints, the local court in Lockhart, TX conducted a trial, WITHOUT GIVING ME NOTICE. In Lockhart, the Texas state disctrict court has  dragged out lawsuits that completely distort and change my life after 65 years of age ( senior citizen)  by  dragging out 2009-O-0369 for more than 5 LONG  YEARS ( YEARS !) and then conducting a non-jury one-sided trial intentionally, while holding me off with a false criminal lawsuit in the same court.  This was appealed to 7COA, but lower court judgment was sustained, clouding title to SouthWest corner of 141.38 acres.
In my lifetime, I have paid the jury fees for trial by jury in three different civil lawsuits in the TX district courts in Caldwell County, city of Lockhart, TX;  but NEVER GOTTEN ANY ONE OF THE JURY TRIALS THAT I REQUESTED BY MOTIONS TO THE COURTS. 
Frederick  Wiegand  Jr.

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The  official  actions  and  behavior  on behalf of certain Caldwell County, State of Texas politicians have been  and  still  are  totally  UNETHICAL.  Whereas  these  local public officials are presenting to the public criminal complaints against Frederick Wiegand Jr.,  their  actions  are  ILLEGAL  AND TOTALLY  UNETHICAL.  The  dispute  centers around  a County Road  220, and its  extension over the Wiegand Ranch Estate.  In  order  for the local officials to "get rid"  of  their opposition,  some of them  are breaking state and federal laws to bring false, boggus,  wrongful  criminal  cases  against  Frederick  Wiegand Jr. to cause him collateral damages that far outweigh the damages they can collect through civil trials.  Their ultimate goals are to dispossess  him  from his legal  inheritance,  like they  did with the ParkWay Subdivision, which  Frederick Wiegand Jr.  platted, laid out, made, and had approved  by both the city of Lockhart and the county of Caldwell.  The  main reason for their  greed  of the Wiegand  properties  is  that the Wiegand lands  are  key properties and in the main  development  directions  between  Highway  183,  Farm Road 20, and Interstate 130 the new toll road.  These local politicians  are  attacking a  senior  citizen who served more than 34 years with the United States Army.  And those local politicians have NEVER served in combat for the US Government, but only serve their own greed  by abusing their  authority,  saying that the  crimes  that they commit  are "In the name of the State of Texas".  That is a farce.  It is illegal to use false boggus criminal lawsuits to collect a civil debt.  "The mills of the gods  grind slowly, but exceedingly fine." Navene