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land ten million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

USA  telephone number  (001 USA country code )  (512 area code) 938 7045

milling plant diagram // barite, gold, and surface oil recovery

diagrama planta trituradora
process barite, gold and surface oil in Mexico

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seeking  exclusive  agency  contract  with  any  China  machinery  manufacturer  who  does  NOT  presently  have  sales  and  service  agent  in Mexico,  who  is  bilingual  and  has  registered  companies  in USA and in Mexico.

now  acquiring  Au  mine  in  central  MX   with  average   of  15  grams  per  MT.
searching  for  mining  investor.
Canadian  mining  companies  welcome.
57.7 grams of  Au  per Metric Ton  Mexican  gold  ore.
WHM SAdeCV  now  seeking  written  exclusive  contract  with any  China  mining  equipment  manufacturer  as  exclusive  sales and service  agent  for  Mexico.