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Wiegand 141.38 acres for sale near Austin, Texas, 6,798,999 US Dollars cash, no minerals

ganadores  de  Rondo 2.1 Mexico

Ronda 2.1 MX // Wiegand Hermanos Perforadores SA

www.iwcfdrillengineer.com  Ronda 2.1 Mexico

TOTAL, ENI, REPSOL, SHELL, Lukoil, Petronas, Citla Energy, Sierra Perote, CNOC, DEA Deutche, Diavaz G Y P, Capricorn Energy, Pemier Oil, PC Carigali Mexico, Murphy Sur, Talos Energy, Ophir Mexico, Chevron, Tampico - Mizantla, Joaquin Coldwell, SENER, CNH --
Wiegand  Hermanos  Perforadodres,  SA de Mexico  esta  listo  para  trabajar  para cualquiera de Ustedes, para aumentar la produccion petrolera de petroleo crudo y gas natural, en todo de Mexico, onshore and offshore.
Give me  a  one-year  contract for anything in O & G; and I will buy it and import it into Mexico, faster than anyone else because I am on the padron de importadores y exportadores, which is a Federal registry of authorized importers into Mexico.   I  can arrange international multinational financing, with a signed, one-year contract between any oil company in Mexico and WHPSA.
Frederick  Wiegand II, presidente, apoderado, y director general.  Telcel  824 100  4183  WhatsAp 
Good news!  Multinational oil companies  make important new oil discoveries in Campeche offshore, Mexico.  This proves the correctness and great value of EPN's Reforma Energetica 2014.  Took a while to implement, but  it is an historic accomplishment.  See articles in World Oil magazine or online.  14 July 2017.
So now, we hope that this spills over to onshore activities soon, and that smaller PyMEs can get back into the oil business in Mexico again. 
Nueva Era Gasoducto is making good progress in construction from Colombia NL  to  Cienaga de Flores NL.  However, the September 2017 floods in northern Mexico are delaying pipeline construction.  Reports on inet say that "It is raining fishes in the state of Tamaulipas, Mexico", and 28 September 2017, the Federal Highway 85 from Nuevo Laredo to Monterrey is flooded by heavy rains, and may not be passable for a few days.

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