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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

problems along the Mexico - USA border 2021

problems along Mexico - USA border

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I am no angel! But I have dual citizenship and am a small international businessman.  Lately, I have had "unusual" problems of imports and exports, Mexico - USA.
To keep it brief, I will now address USA President Joe Biden.  The lack of cooperation and petty vengeances along the Mexico - USA border must be stopped by an international bilateral imports-exports commission of the USA and Mexico.  It is like a family feud that is ruining international business.  Do NOT blame it all on silicon chips, like the automobile industry.  It is human nature, and even the Hollywood movies show the history.  But the USA must take the lead to stop the petty quarreling.  It is hitting my pocketbook, and lots of others, too.   NAFTA is NOT enough.  It is going to take intervention by others, other than politicians in country capitals who do not care what happens at the bridges between Mexico and USA.
President Joe Biden, I volunteer to serve on this international bilateral border commission for the promotion of "clean" businesses.
Frederick Wiegand II
dual citizenship
fluently bilingual
Best thing is for US Govt to give free of charge one thousand gooseneck trailers to qualified Mexican transport companies.

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