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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

immediately  available  for  subdividing and construction of new  houses



Caldwell County Road 220 across Wiegand Estate Ranch from Highway 183 to FM 20 on West side of Lockhart State Park

Carl  Wiegand searched  the  deed  records  in  the  Caldwell  County  courthouse for more than three years,  and  found,  along  with licensed  surveyors,  that  the abandoned  Country  Road  220  crosses  the  SouthWest  corner  of  the Lockhart  State  Park inside the Wiegand Estate Ranch.  Even  after  several  notifications  in person,  by  email,  and by  US  mail  to various  State  of  Texas  officials, including  the Texas  Parks  &  Wildlife  general  counsel;    there has been no  official  in the  State  of  Texas ( who was  contacted )     willing  to discuss nor  review  the  facts  of the various  surveys  since  the 1930s, showing  the  abandonded  Country  Road  220  running  across the  SouthWest  corner  of the  Lockhart  State  Park,  to  the  Fentress Road  FM  20,  behind  and on  the West side  of the Lockhart  State  Park.   Therefore,  there  were  several  officials  who  have to date 31 January 2013,   sufficient  motives  to  remove  Carl  J  Wiegand  from the Wiegand  Ranch permanently, including, but  not limited to, several  officials  of  Caldwell County government, TX.
I  put  part  of the  blame for the physical  disappearance of my son Carl,   on Caldwell  County  officials  for their refusal  to negotiate  the resolution to  these  civil disputes  through the various  attorneys  that the  Wiegand  family  has  hired over the last 30 years.  These actions  by  Caldwell County  officials  leave other members of the Wiegand family,  fearing for their lives,  and moving  outside the State of Texas.  So  far,  the  US  FBI  has  refused  to  give  me  any  information  on  my  missing -  kidnapped ? --  murdered ?  eldest son Carl  Jonathan  Wiegand,  so  I  have filed  a  US  Freedom  of  Information Act  request form G-639  with  the US  Attorney  General, and am  waiting  for  their reply.  It it now November 2015, and there has been no word nor information about Carl J Wiegand delivered to his father, since the 10th day of March 2012.  
Certain Caldwell County officials are intentionally committing erros concerning the legal methods of vacating the abandoned portion of Caldwell County Road 220 which extends from Cunningham Drive in the Lockhart city limits west of the airport, in a SouthWest direction across Clearfork Creek, up the hill and turning to the North, and intersecting with Farm to Market Road FM20, near the newer toll road  I135.

There is   a  corrupt  and  crooked  local politician bugging me in Lockhart, TX.   A judge  in  Caldwell  County,  Texas,  knows that   the  illegal  fence  blocking  Wiegand  ingress and egress  to  Wiegand Ranch and house,  and  has  ignored  the  illegal  fence,  and  had  the  county  prosecutor  bring  life-changing charges  against  Frederick  Wiegand,  in  a  transparent  and  wrongful  attempt  to  illegally  dispossess  Frederick Wiegand  Jr  of  his  inherited  properties.  To  date,  a certain judge has  not  been  brought  to  justice  by  the State of Texas  nor  the  Texas  Commission on Judicial  conduct,  nor  the  US  Attorney  General,  nor  the  State  Bar  of  Texas,   for  violating  the  Texas  Transportation Code Section 250,  nor  by  the  US  Attorney General  for  violating  USC 42 and 43  and other  constitutional rights of the Wiegand  family  for ingress and egress from the Wiegand  properties and buildings and livestock.  Meawhile,  I  am  asking  all  landowners  and  voters,  including  all  citizens  who  voted  for  me in the Lockhart mayor election of  2008,  to  VOTE  this judge  OUT  OF  OFFICE IN  CALDWELL COUNTY,  TEXAS in the next election in 2016.
I,  Frederick  Wiegand  Jr.,  still a  bonded  notary  public  in the  State  of  Texas,  am  still searching  for  a  competent  attorney  who  practices  in the Western District of Texas,  Austin, Texas  federal  court,  to  bring  suit  against  this judge,  who  is  a corrupt and  crooked  local  politician.
City  of  Lockhart  takes  no  action  against  Fredrica  Wiegand  Carpenter  Kinnard  who  built  an  illegal barbed-wired  fence  across  County  Road  220  in  January 2010,  and  blocked  ingress  and  egress  to  Wiegand  family  house,  land, cattle  and  farming  equipment.  Letter  from  Dan  Gibson  city  planner  is  evidence.  What  this  is,  is  a  form  of  unethical  legal  blackmail,  and  the  use  of  false  criminal  lawsuits, both  misdemeanor  and  felony,  to  force  a  solution  to  a  civil  lawsuit,  is  itself  a  felony crime.
   The  former  prosecutor  Richard  Aubrey  Fielder,  who  was simulaneously  city  attorney  for  the  City  of  Lockhart  and  also  prosecuting  district  attorney  for  the  County  of  Caldwell,  and  wrongfully  took  Parkway  Subdivision away  from  its  rightful  owner, was  disbarred  by  the  State  of  Texas  for  corruption  while  in  public  office. 
     It  is  high  time  for  ALL  of  the other  voters  of  Caldwell  County  Precincts  2,  3,  and  4  to  ask  for  the  resignation  of  a  another  Lockhart  politician  who  does  not  represent  the  rest  of  Caldwell  County,  and  ignores  Texas  Transportation  Code 250  and  the  condition of the roads  in  Caldwell County.  Tom  Bonn  had  the county road administrator  put  up  two  new  signs,  ¨county  maintenance  starts  here¨,  and  then 100.0  feet  to the  West,  ¨county  maintenance  ends  here¨,  but  the  county  NEVER  has  nor does  at  this time,  done  any  maintenance  to  County  Road  220.  The  Caldwell  County  officials  say  that  the  City  of  Lockhart  is  reponsible  for  maintenance  on  Cunningham  Drive,  and  they  ping-pong  that story  back  and  forth  for  years.  10  January  2014  news  is  that  RR Trey Hicks III  and  Tom  Bonn  will not  run  for  re-election in Caldwell County, Texas.  They  think that  they  have  gotten  away  with this white-collar crime.  Retiring out another Caldwell County corrupt official.

County Road 220 inside city limits of Lockhart

What  he  plans  to  do  is  to  profit  himself,  and  deny  profits of  a  lifetime  to the  rightful  owner.  It  is  unethical  and  immoral  by the  state and  federal  codes  of  ethics  for  a  public  official  to  promote  legal  disputes  and  lawsuits  by  and  between  family  members,  as  in  this  case  2009 - O - 0369,  for  personal  financial  and  political  gain.  When  a  local  judge  and  a  local  DA  use  a  young  unemployed marijuana-smoking mentally-ill  female  to  bring  criminal  charges  against  a  senior  citizen  land owner  and  former  US  antidrug  officer,  in  the  name  of  the  state  of  Texas;  then  it  is  time  for  the  FBI  and  the  DEA  oficers to  go  to the 2d  floor  of the  Caldwell County  courthouse,  and  serve  Tom  Bonn  with  a  federal  indictment  for  several  felony violations of the Texas  Penal  Code and the criminal  federal laws of the U.S.A.  as  accessory  to  various felonies, including the  illegal  use of a boggus  criminal lawsuit against  F W Wiegand  to settle  a  civil  lawsuit about a fence across a public road,  and  other  local problems with the city over the illegal  shooting range,  where  automatic  rifles are used in the direction of the Pegasus  School  for  Disabled Children.  Wiegand ranchhouse and doublewide home have been  burglarized, broken into and things stolen more than six ( 6 ) times  in the last  several years, and the local law enforcement officials and county administrative judge have done nothing about my  official complaints, nor issued any  warrants  for arrest, even though I  offered  video clips  from security cameras.  I  have  complaints  again  at  the  US  Department  of  Justice  for what is going on in Lockhart, county of Caldwell,  Texas.

illegal fence built across County Road 220
Tom Bonn does nothing about wrongful fence so is accesory to a crime