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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

stolen  vehicle  1998  Chevy Blazer  VIN  1GNCS13W2WK102358  TX plates CC8G299

stolen vehicle 1998 Chevy Blazer VIN 1GNCS13W2WK102358 TX plates CC8G299

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stolen vehicle  1998  Chevy Blazer VIN  1GNCS13W2WK102353  TX plates  CC8G299  year stolen 2010,  TX  title  #  10500040447152358


This  vehicle  is  legal, rightful  property  of  Frederick  Wiegand Jr.,  and the  Texas  title so indicates.  Today's  date  13  April 2019.


It  was  stolen  in Mexico in the State of Tamaulipas on 10 March 2012.


Due  to idiosyncracies  in the police  systems  of  the Mexican  states  and the USA United States,  it is wrong  that the federal Mexican report of theft in March 2012,  has NEVER  been accepted  by  any police authority in the United States,  nor the Lockhart city police, nor Caldwell County TX Sheriff's Department, nor TX DOT, nor TX Dept of Motor Vehicles,   and the US FBI has refused to publish this report, saying it is confidencial.  So easiest to publish worldwide on the Internet.  This  is  my international report of  murder of my son and theft of my Chevy Blazer.

I,  Frederick  Wiegand  Jr.  of  Lockhart,  TX  78644,  continue  to be  the  legal  owner  of my 1998  Chevrolet Blazer color maroon with Texas plates CC9G299 and  VIN  1GNCS 13 W2 WK 102 353 .


I offer  a $250 USD reward for information leading to my recovery of my stolen Blazer.  The last loctaion I know of it, was when my son Carl Jonathan Wiegand was driving in the dark between the two cities  of  Ciudad Mier and  Ciudad Miguel Aleman, State of Tamaulipas, country of Mexico,  on or about the 10th day of March 2012, when he was supposedly kidnapped and killed in Mexico.  My federal and state reports of international kidnapping, international theft of my personal property and company property, and homicide murder of my son Carl J. Wiegand,  have  NOT been accepted into the United States, nor at any local, county, state, nor federal level.   And therefore, I, Frederick Wiegand Jr., Carl's blood natural father, am publishing this online for the world to see.   I  have  never  given  any  person  my  permission to sell this my Chevy 1998 Blazer; so any  human person involved  in selling this vehicle in any country, is an alleged criminal involved in international  criminal schemes and organized crime. But now,  my  criminal  complaints  are being renewed in the state and federal criminal  system in Mexico,  by sworn statements and multiple data, including the FBI's tracking of my Verizon Wireless celphone that was stolen and used along the USA - Mexico border for three months or more.  This information is now being updated in the Mexican Federal crime databases and criminal investigation system of Mexico, including ALL  the states in Mexico.




The  persons   who have stolen  my 1998 Chevy Blazer  are  probably  involved  in international  kidnapping,  murder,  and  illegal  sale  of  human body parts and organs.   The  USA  FBI  Federal  Bureau of Information  may  have  tracking information on these  international criminals;  and  have my permission  to arrest  them where ever those criminals are presently operating.


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