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must sell Wiegand 141.38 acres near Austin, Texas, 1,798,999 US Dollars cash, no minerals

Wiegand  swabbing  rig  can  also  drill  Horizontal  oil and gas wells

Wiegand swabbing rig can also drill Horizontal oil & gas wells

Wiegand  con doble nacionalidad  quiere  participar  en Ronda 2.1  //  Wiegand Hermanos Perforadores // Frederick Wiegand II 

Too  many  questions  convince me  that  alot of international  oil company personnel  do not translate technical terms so good.  The Wiegand  # 1  swabbing / drilling  rig  has  a  double  drum  drawworks and a rotary table and a mast.   We do not call this a derrick.   This should tell most oilfield hands what the machine will do.  If  anyone is  wondering about it, then go ask a roughneck about a double drum unit with a rotary table.
Otherwise,  send an email asking for more photos  to  whpsa@yahoo.com.mx, and we will try to answer your questions politely.

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