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Frederck Wiegand Jr.  is a world wide consultant in the oil and gas business.
Soliciting  investor -  partner  to  bring H-well  drilling and UBD well drilling rig and associated  equipment to  Northern MX.  Have  verbal  agreements  to   drill  for  shale  gas  as  Mexico contractor.

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geological and engineering reports upon prepaid written and contracted request

  • exploration anywhere in the world
  • geological interpretations of well logs and mudlogs
  • well design in the office
  • wellsite supervision at the rigstie
  • Saudi Aramco drilling foreman from time to time HPHT  deep sour gas
  • designed some of the most advanced and deepest wells in the world, including Bertha Rodgers OK  31,128 ft and Pustaser No. 1, 6000 meters, Hungary

Geological and Petroleum Engineering Services for Individuals and Companies

  • Preparation of geological and engineering reports 
  • Design of well drilling programs for shale gas wells
  • Design of well completion programs for shale gas wells
  • Course presentation, including Deepwater Drilling Engineering and Well Control worldwide

Special  Projects

  • Exploration risk management
  • Casing design
  • Tubing design
  • Hydraulic fracturing design of shale gas wells
  • Selection of OBMs to match geochemistry of shale gas shales