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land ten million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

authorization to file claims in the United Nations

authorization to file claims in United Nations

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Every modern country in the world has life and accident insurance.  Call it what you want, it is insurance that some government or company pays for the accidental death or dismemberment of the insured person.

I authorize the United States of America USA government to file a claim for the Covid-19 death of every USA citizen, and proceed with international legal procedures through the United Nations, and / or the relevant Court of the United Nations and the World Court, to now begin to file Claims against the Government of China for the deaths of USA citizens due to malfeasance and / or accidental release of the Covid-19 pandemic virus.  Giving the people of  China, and its present government,  the benefit of the doubt, and without aggressive threats of any kind,  but following only the norms and legal proceedings of moden countries of the world who have life insurance, and without filing an international lawsuit; but only filing death benefit claims;  I hereby authorize the USA Govenment to proceed immediately to file claims for the amount of ten thousand US Dollars ( $10,000.00 USD ) for the families of each deceased person in the USA who died of the biological lethal Covid-19 virus made in China. 1 May 2020



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