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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

barite page

processed barite drilling powder for sale in Laredo TX

barsprbags.JPGbarite supersacks 1.5 MT 4.2 200 API 13 stacked one ontop another three high

black leg 622 with pipe racked back ooh


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depending on what BUYER  wants,  and  SELLER  agrees to sell //
processed  barite drilling powder  200 mesh, more or less,  in  40 kg nylon platic bags,  maybe sells for $143.50 USD to  $215.99 USD per US  ton.
export and transportation  charges may also apply.
costs of laboratory analyses  may  be extra.
QC  costs may also apply.
must  contact  SELLER  to get best price and "guaranteed"  delivery.
subject to  Acts of God, etc.
SG may vary from 4.0 to 4.35 depending on purity.
Seller prefers to deliver mid-bridge Laredo TX by Letter  of  Credit  sufficient  to  cover  purchases  of  first  30  days.