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shale gas in Northern Mexico

Technology terminology  can  often  be very  confusing, expecially  when translating and interpreting  from one language  into another.   Technical  terms in Spanish  vary  from  one Spanish-speaking country to another, so  oil and gas  professionals who are  bilingual and / or multilingual  know how important  it is  to be sure  that the  listener  understands WHAT  the speaker / teacher  is trying to say.
The terminology  "shale gas"  in Mexico, is just  one example of  this typical  multilingual  problem.
Most of the formations in  Northern Mexico  are  of Cretaceous geological age,  though towards the Gulf ( of Mexico GOM ) Coast  there are more Tertiary  deposits.  The  Mexico Sierra Madre Oriental carbonate  mountains  can be seen north of Monterrey, Mexico, extending and striking North Westerly towards El Paso, Texas, and dipping toward the North East at azimuths from 30 to 90 degrees.  These  mountains  dip into the subsurface towards  the North East into the Burgos Basin.  The Eagleford Shale equivalent  in Mexico  is one of the best shale gas objectives in Mexico because of its  aerial ( map ) extent and thickness.  The Tamabra Formation of Mexico might be considered a shale gas objective by some explorationists.   More information  on Mexico shale gas is available upon paid subsription and email request to
in Spanish and in English.

Frederick Wiegand Senior  grew  up in Mexico and worked in many mines throughout Mexico, drilled many oil and gas wells in Mexico, especially in the northern states of Tamaulipas and Veracruz.  The Wiegand oilwells of 1948 through 1978 and the Wiegand royalties were some of the most famous in the history of Pemex, though  some Pemex officials would deny this to this day.  Reference "The Mexican Expropriation".

Frederick Wiegand is now a fully registered and authorize vendor and contractor the national oil company of Mexico.
  Wiegand is soliciting partner to complete acquisition of a lift boat with 400 foot legs and accomodations for 80 personnel.  For the first time in 75 years, the Mexican government will begin in 2014 to allow "foreign"  companies to make investments in the Mexican oil and gas industry.  Get in on the "ground floor"  using Frederick Wiegand as your  100%  Mexican agent, with his "feet on the ground, ready to run in 2014".