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land fourteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

earthquakes and volcanic acitivities costing alot in Mexico and Central American

volcanic activity costing alot in Mexico and Central America

Volcanic activities and earthquakes are costing alot in Mexico and Guatemala in the last few days.  The electrical grid systems have been damaged, and many businesses and people are losing food, sleep, and money, due to low voltages or no electricity.


And still, despite 8 years of notices publicly online, and many emails to state and federal agencies in Mexico; no  agency nor company has contacted Wiegand to begin planning to drill for shallow natural gas in the Northern Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.  Wiegand claims this is due to adverse Pemex influence over SENER, CNH, and CRE.  However,  soon with presidential elections in July 2018 and the failure of CFE again;  the voters are going to take some of the state and federal politicians to the laundry.  Don't hang your dirty underwear on a clothesline where people can see it.  Translated into a universal language, Don't skim the peoples money off for outrageous luxuries for the few "rich and famous", and leave the common voter without electricity for his AC and fridge.


Wiegand stands ready to drill for and explore for shallow natural gas in the Norther Mexican state of Nuevo Leon.  Let's see WHO and WHEN some govt "official" reads this, and replies, after 8 years.  Local, state and federal politicians have no idea what it means, to "pull a wet string of 2.75 inch production tubing from a natural gas well in Mexico." 

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