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Wiegand 141.38 acres for sale near Austin, Texas, 6,798,999 US Dollars cash, no minerals

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jackup rig needed immediately for shallow water mexico 200 ft tooled out call Fred

 jackup  drilling workover rig needed immediately shallow water 150 ft in South GOM MX

 contact  Fred Wiegand / Frederick Wiegand II   ( MX WhatsApp  011 52  824 105 9207 )

 will be subcontracted to clients of Wiegand Hermanos Perforadores S.A. ( Wiegand Brothers Drilling Co. of San Antonio TX USA ) 


jackup rig should be ready to work in 30 days, by one year contract.  send email to whpsa@yahoo.com.mx  with the name of your company, a proforma IADC contract in English and Mexican Spanish, and your dayrate.  5,000 psi, 10,000 psi,  15,000 psi, and 20,000 psi  BOPE per Pozo Tipo A, B, C, D o E.

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Fred Wiegand Jr 
offshore drilling supervisor and international drilling superintendent
superintendente mexicano internacional - world wide wiegand
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WHPSA is now the authorized  Mexican agent for the sophisticated www.drillingsoftware.com  DDRs and well design computer programs in English and in Spanish, with especial estudios y reportes internos para jackups en MX GOM. 
Pore Pressure Gradient = World Wide Wiegand on Wikipedia.com
Pore pressure gradient  is  a  dimensional petrophysical term used  by  drilling engineers and mud  engineers during  the  design  of  drilling programs  for  drilling ( constructing ) oil and gas wells into the earth.  It  is  the  pressure  gradient  inside the pore space of the rock  column from the surface of the  ground ( or sea level offshore ) to the total vertical depth ( TVD ) of the wellbore, as compared to the pressure gradient of seawater in deepwater oil and gas wells.  ( author World Wide Wiegand on Wikipedia.com )