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deepwater  water  drilling  and  well control  course  in Spanish

deepwater drilling in Mexico

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  Frederick  Wiegand  designed  a  deepwater drilling engineering  course,  from previous teaching and wellsite supervisor experience,  and  presented  the course in Mexico City in March 2013, entirely 99% in Spanish.  This  helped  the  Mexican  oil and gas industry  promote  the  excellent  deepwater  drilling  blocks  available  under  EPN's  Nueva Reforma Energetica laws of 2014.

GOMsml.JPG  Gulf  of  Mexico  produces  alot of  crude oil, natural gas, and condensate.  The  Mexican GOM  may have  more  oil and gas than  the US  GOM, but  we  need a couple of 6th generation drillships down here soonest.  WHPSA wishes to contract  a  drillship soonest.  WHPSA = Wiegand Hermanos Perforadores Sociedad Anonima, a Mexican corporation founded in 1949 by the Wiegand Brothers.
News  of the Mexican  oil and gas industry,  from OTC in Houston, TX, USA  during  first week of May 2014.
quoted  from World Oil magazine online
Pemex  is being  transformed by  the new  Reforma EnergEtica Mexicana 
   Pemex  is  preparing to transform  itself  from a national oil company  into a  "state-owned, production company,"  said  Director  Hernandez-Garcia, acting director of PEP, at OTC in Houston,  USA during the first week of May 2014.  Although  the  Mexican government  will still own  the national oil company,  Petroleos Mexicanos PEMEX  wil  no longer have  the  exclusive  rights to develop oil and natural gas in the country of Mexico.  This  is  due to a cultural change, said the Director of PEP.  CFE  ComisiOn Federal de Electricidad  will soon  be  completely  responsible  for  the  exploration, drilling  and production of natural  gas in all of Mexico.  This  will require  more  technical  expertise from Mexican nationals and expatriates, too.  As a monopoly,  Pemex  acted for 75 years  as an administrator  of Mexico's  oil and natural gas  reserves and resources and production, with steady declines in production over the past few years and increasing deficits.  Additional  legislation  was  submitted to the Congress of Mexico  circa 30 April 2014,  and is under review by lawmakers, to determine how to implement the reforms.  The  proposed "fastest and easiest" way to implement the reforms is for the Mexico Congress to immediately shift ALL  responsibilities  for the natural gas industry  to the ComisiOn Federal de Electricidad  CFE, which  will require a NEW  group of experts and setup a new competitive national natural gas company, MEX  NNGC, which will audit Pemex.  This  shift to CFE away from Pemex will hopefully ensure  financial and contractual stability  to  attract  international  investors to Mexico, to help stop the decline of production, to help discover new oil and gas fields, and to increase the  production of oil and gas in Mexico  to previous levels, and more, hopefully more than  3 million BOPDE.