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shale  gas  shale

shale gas shale


Credibility,  also  paraphrased as  "common  knowledge",  is  a  detrimental  issue  in  many  situations.   Simply  because  a  certain  thing  is  NOT  widely known,  nor  often  seen  in photos  or  movies  or on  TV,  the  general  public  does  NOT  know.  Even  many  businessmen  and  educated  persons  do   not  know,  because  they  do  not  have  daily visual  contact  with  it.
There is  a  very  famous  tourist  park  in the  mountains  of  Monterrey,  Mexico,  called  Chipingque.  Many  people  go  to  Chipingque,  and  enjoy  the  spectacular  view  of  the  valley  of  Monterrey  from  about a 3,000  ft mountain  top.  As  you  drive  up  the  winding  mountain  road, you  can  see  Chipinque  shale,  as  shown  in the photograph above on this  webpage.  ( I  purchased  the  Yashica  camera  in  Khobar,  Kingdom of Saudi  Arabia,  in  2010,  took  it  to  Venezuela in 2012 and  dropped  it as I was taking  photos  of  the  CumanA beach,  and  brought it  back  to Mexico --  and  it  is  still taking  good  photos late  2013! )   So  in  order  to  facilitate  teaching  many  people  in various  countries,  I  am  publishing  my  photo  of Chipingque  shale.  (spellling  may  not  be  exact, but sounds good ).
Indurated ( hard and brittle )  shale  is  definitely  NOT  clay.   In  Mexico,  there  are  many  erudite  and  many  local  names  for  clay (  barro ) ,  but  not  that  many  names  for  shale ( lutita).  So  when  the  professionals  add  another  name  that  "sounds"  strange  to  a  US  ear,  then  my  opinion is  that  the  unusual  name  does  NOT help  anyone  understand  shale gas shale.
Most  of  the oil and gas industry  in the US  and  China and Russia  and other  countries  are  catching  on  pretty  fast.   And  in  Mexico,  the  new Energy  Reform Laws of 2014  are  starting  to  take  effect.   However,  I  still say  to  the  people I meet  on  the  street,  that  more  education  is  always  a  good  thing.   I  guess  that  Hollywood  will  have  to  make  a movie,  and  a  country  singer  will have  to  make  a  country-western  song,   about  shale  gas  shale,  before  more  people  learn  what  it  is.      I  will  ask  my  son  William  Wiegand  to  name  one  of  his  Santana -style  softrock  songs,  "Chipingque Shale"  to  make it more popular.  
Cheers.  Frederick   24  February 2014 

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