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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

go  for  the  deepest   pocket

go for the deepest pocket


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They  don't  want  to  pay  for it;  they  want  to  steal it.  A  few local yocals  who  want the gold mine and Wiegand  Ranch,  and  want  to  give  me  "the  shaft" !  But  breaking  the  laws  of  the  State of  Texas  and  the  US Govt  is  a  risky  way  for  them  to  try  this,  like  they  did  with  my Parkway  Subdivision.     The  United  States  Department  of  Justice, and the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct,   may  have  something  to  say  about  the  corruption and  law-breaking. 

Barite  is  a  mineral used in   drilling  muds  all  over  the  world.   4.3 barite for  sale  in  1 metric tonne  superbags in  Luling, Texas now.    The price of API 13 barite may increase during the winter months, when the roads to the mines wash out due to the rains.