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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

calling  all  veterans  in  Caldwell  County,  Texas

calling all veterans in Caldwell County, Texas

 To  my knowledge,  he  never  served a  full day  in a  combat zone.   I   criticize  him  strongly.  He  has  NO  LOYALTY  to brother reservists,  fellow  USA regulars and USAR veterans,  and  does not comprehend fully  the movie "Rambo", starring  Sylvester  Styllone.  I  ask  all  military  veterans in Caldwell County, in Texas,  and  in the USA, especially in the upcoming 2016 elections,  to  force a corrupt judge out  of  politics  in Caldwell County, Texas.   Vote  him  out  with  a  vote  of  NO  confidence.   

Wiegand is asking Caldwell County voters to vote next year against certain corrupt politicians.

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