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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489


barite raw rock from mine, or milled from 40 inches to 200 mesh


Super Sacks  200 mesh  barite  drilling  powder




barite  raw  ore  rock  straight  from  the  mine,  boulder size  to  rocks  40  inches  across

Phase  I   grind /  mill  rock  from  40  inches  to  24  inches
Phase  II  grind / mill  rock  from  24  inches  to  8  inches
Phase  III   grind  /  mill  rock  from  8  inches  to  1  inch
Phave  IV   grind  /   mill  rock  from  1  inch  to  400  mesh  using  Raymond  mill


Product:                              BARITE ORE  ground  to  about  6  to  8   inches

Density:                              4.2+
Quality Standard:            API-SPEC 13A
Quantity:                            30,000MT Monthly (Minimum Order)
Origin:                                  Mexico
Packaging:                          Bulk 6" to 8"
Delivered:                          FOB - Door to Door -Progreso, Brownsville, Laredo, Houston, Galveston, Eagle Pass, Texas,  USA
Delivery Time:                   30 - 45 days from the signing of contract.
Delivery Schedule:             To be determined
Samples:                            Available upon request only after buyer sends a LOI with  deposit  of  $500 USD for  S & H  and  export  fees, etc.
Analysis:                              Available upon written  request  with  deposit  of  $750 USD
Price:                                    $157.95/MT. 

Contract  terms:  In the event the density is different then 4.2, a range scale will be annoated in the contract to allow for increase or decrease price.  Price includes all costs to clients patio; cost of mineral, transportation, off-loading and importation fees.  Price to be reviewed  periodically as agreed by both parties.

Contract:                            Minimum 2 year with extensions, rollovers and renewals.
Form of Payment:              LOC  to  USA  bank in  US dollars,   or  30%  advance  to  Mexico  bank  in  Mexico pesos

Wiegand  Hermanos  Mineros  SA  de  CV  is  now  listed  as  an  approved  Mexican  mining  company  in the  official  Mexican  government list of  authorized  exporters  of  raw  mined  materials.


4.377 Specific Gravity barite powder API13
good enough to drill oil & gas wells anywhere