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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

senior  citizens  and  landowners  of  Caldwell  County,  Texas

senior citizens who own property

Tom  Bonn  who  is  the  Caldwell  County  administrative  judge  and  previous  commissioner of precinct  one  in  Caldwell County,  Texas,  is  crooked and corrupt.  He  has  no  respect  for  senior  citizens  nor  landowners  who  pay  Caldwell County thousands of dollars of  taxes  in the State  of  Texas.  He  is  using  unverified  crooked perjured testimony  from  a  mentally-ill marijuana  smoker  who  is  disabled, owns no land in the  USA,  cannot  work for ATDT for last 10 years, etc.,  to  bring  criminal  charges  against  me,  and  I have  lived in Caldwell  County, Texas, for 68  years.  I  am  asking  all  landowners,  including  senior  citizens,  of  Caldwell County, Texas,  to  vote  Tom  Bonn  out  of  office  permanently  as  soon  as   possible, expecially in 2014 elections soon.

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