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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

online university course January 2013

well control course and new certificate subsea - surface supervisor company man

completed  Well Control School Inc.´s  online university course  well control subsea and surface stacks for supervisor.   made  93 %  on final exam.  completed all simulations and killsheets online.  will post well control certificate soon.  took course in English, but can present course in Spanish in Mexico and Venezuela and South America.


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soliciting  job  as  bilingual  well  control  instructor  with  many  years  of   rig   experience.   still  updating   WEI  course  on  deepwater  drilling  engineering  and  well control.  send  email  for  more  details  to  wiegandinc@yahoo.com  or  leave voice  msg  on USA  telephone   001  512  938  7045.
ready  to  present 2 day  course  on  Deepwater  Drilling  in Mexican  Waters.