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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

drilling workover rig for sale

double drum drilling workover rig for sale

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rated at 5,000 feet, according to the size and weight of the pipe,
double drum drawworks.  drilling lower drum, swabbing upper drum 

skid-mounted, easy loading and unloading
one unit includes 17-1/2" Brewster integral rotary table, I beams, A-frame for 65 foot telescoping double-pole mast, 671 GM diesel engine,
50,000 pound swivel, crown and traveling blocks, chain drive to rotary table off Allison automatic transmission 
fast to round-trip rods during workover 
swabbing unit 
can rig to use on small offshore platform 
call 512 995 6203 for more details and photos
N3Brewster2022.jpg offshoreFW.JPG