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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

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America's Loan Company is fraudulent, photo cheques bounce, you pay

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These scam fraudsters talk with some sense, with a foreign accent, but are going to steal your money using Walmart Vanilla cards or Play Prepaid cards.

MO is they says they will loan you money, give them your info where to deposit their loan to your account, they make a photo mobile cheque that does

not clear, ever. But they ask you to pay back their fake deposit using cash game Vanilla Walmart cards that are good. So the fraud scamsters at 

America's Loan Company uses the time difference between your instant activated Walmart Vanilla card that they ask for; and the supposed seven to ten 

days for their fraudulent fake mobile theft-by-internet interstate USA, to steal my money, $499.73 off Robertson's Ready Mix Ltd. in Corona, CA.  I think the

controller ( with a foreign accent like Jason and Jerry ) is in the fraud scheme with America's Loan Co., Ltd.  I will post their phone numbers soon.   I will make a Tip to the FBI soon.  What they are doing is many federal interestate crimes of conspiracy to commit interstate internet theft by mobile photo cheques.


Jason Decker telephone  1 614 362 0499 

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