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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

FBI tips  ref  murder of Carl J Wiegand

FBI tips ref murder of Carl J Wiegand

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Todd Blomerth was city attorney for the City of Lockhart, and conducted various civil lawsuits against various Wiegand family members and Roy Korbut,  business associate.  Then Todd Blomerth was appointed Texas state district judge in Caldwell County, city of Lockhart, Texas 78644 by Rick Perry, and was NOT elected by the voters of Caldwell County TX.  Todd Blomerth demonstrated an open, public aggressive behavior towards Carl J Wiegand and F W Wiegand Jr, both on the street and in the court room.  He  walked around the office and courtroom without shoes.  Vance Rodgers was city manager of the city of Lockhart during various lawsuits by Todd Blomerth against the Wiegand family, after Todd Blomerth replaced DA and city attorney Richard Aubrey Fielder ( who was investigagted by the FBI for federal crimes ); and kept a Klu Klux Klan message on the plywood sign at the entrace to the Lockhart garbage dump and illegal shooting range next to the ranch houses of the Wiegand family CCAD 13414.  They buried lots of carcassas by the dump-truck load by the lift station; and then illegally covered up the remains of animals and maybe humans, under the fairway of the illegal shooting range, where they have had several fires that burned onto the Wiegand lans.  Local police, Caldwell County Sheriff's Office, and state authorities did nothing about those alleged crimes.  So the city of Lockhart blackmailed Fredrica Carpenter Kinnard and daughter Cassandra Carpenter Dillavou into falsifying criminal lawsuits against Frederick Wiegand Jr.  The main element in the litigation in the courts in Texas was the element of surprise by family members and city and county officials in all the lawsuits brought against Frederick Wiegand Jr.  Now probably these same individuals, including Bryan F Wiegand and David T Lemon have conspired to illegally tear the sheeet metal roofs off the Wiegand ranch houses and double-wide mobile home at 230 Wiegand Road and 1007 Cunningham Drive, next to the Caldwell County Justice Center and across Highway 183 from the Caldwell County Sheriff's Office.  So it was known to all those Lockhart individuals who wanted to get rid of Frederick and Carl Wiegand, and destroy the Wiegand ranch houses and barns and warehouses, and steal about one million dollars of oilfield drilling and production equipment, including drilling rigs, drill pipe, kellies and drill collars, trailers, tandem oilfield winch trucks, vehicles, pump jacks, and all kins of personal property inside the homes of Frederick and Carl Wiegand, leaving the homes essentially "destroyed".  Fredrica Carpenter Kinnard and daughter Cassandra Carpenter Dillavou have perjured themselves repeatedly and obviously, to wrongfully take property from Frederick and Carl.  Those individuals had motives to kill Carl.

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