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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

accusations of thefts of about one million dollars of drilling equpment

accusations of thefts of about one million dollars of drilling equipment

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Fredrica Wiegnd Carpenter Kinnard and eldest natural son Clifford Carpenter and only natural daughter Cassandra Carpenter Snider Dillavou of Lockhart TX 78644  are hereby publicly accused of the state and federal felony thefts and burglaries of about one million dollars of personal and corporate drilling and oilfield equipment from the Wiegand Ranchhouse at 230 Wiegand Road, Lockhart TX 78644.  There are questions about the sanity of my natural sister FredRica Kinnard and her only natural daughter Cassandra Carpenter Dillaveau
 because for more than seventeen years ( 17 yrs ) FredRica Kinnard has forced her natural children into a family feud against the Frederick Wiegand family to force Frederick to "give her" Frederick's part of Wiegand Ranch inside the city limits of Lockhart, TX.  FredRica and daughter Cassandra Carpenter has committed felonies of Aggravated Perjury in Texas state district courts, to bring false criminal charges against Frederick Wiegand II.  The Caldwell County District Attorney has illegally and wrongfulliy discriminated against Frederick Wiegand II by refusing to accept any of Frederick's many criminl complaints against the Kinnard family.  This is due to local corrupt politics, and makes me think about Bid and Trumpo national "dirty" politics.  The FBI may question the Kinnard family pertaining to the murder of Frederick's eldest son, Carl Jonathan Wiegand soon.  20 May 2024
Prayers by two Wiegand companies and corporations and by Frederick Wiegand Jr. president are for the federal and state indictments by grand jury of both Fredrica Carpenter Kinnard and daughter Cassandra Carpenter Snider Dillavou and  Clifford Carpenter for multiple thefts, rape and destruction of the two Frederick Wiegand Jr. homes, and other hate and family feud  crimes under the Texas Penal Code and the US  Federal Penal Code.
Also, Plaintiffs pray for damages due to falsification of  criminal charges which have been dismissed and / or expired by the Texas statutues of limitations in the Texas Penal Code. 
 Extortion by threats of  wrongful falsified criminal lawsuits,
including Caldwell County 38,771 ands 10189 has been committed  by  Fredrica Carpenter Kinnard and daughter  Cassandra Carpenter Dillavou of Lockhart TX 78644, due to sibling rivalry since birth and jealously, spurred on by various unethical lawyers in Lockhart and San Marcos TX; to extort lands inherited by Frederick Wiegand Jr. in Caldwell County TX.  Burglary is the theft during the hours of darkness of the private possessions, including money, gold jewelry, legal documents, inherited gun collection, computers, Wiegand family memorabilia, furniture, books, and other personal and private properites of Frederick Wiegand Jr., by extortion by perjury at three grand  juries in secret, and one civil trial in secret.  No legal notice was ever given, and  Fredrica and Cassandra knowingly lied many times, attempting to extort land and royalties from Frederick Wiegand Jr.  6 Aug 2019

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