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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

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Links to maps of Wiegand Family Ranch Caldwell County Lockhart TX 78644


Here is a link to an expanding maps of the pins and corners of the Frederick Wiegand Hermanos ranchland for sale CCAD ID 13489:
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Frederick Wiegand Hermanos CCAD Property ID 13489 adjoins the Lockhart State Park and lies across the County Road 220, renamed Cunningham Drive when in 2007, Lockhart City annexed the ranchland into the city limits of the small town of Lockhart, TX 78644, Caldwell County, Texas.
this tract of land is still for sale for over two million dollares cash $2,000,000.00 USD, 22 November 2018.  A title opinion is ready now, and a sales contract is being negotiated.
Note:  The Caldwell County Appraisal District map clearly show the continuation of Caldwell County Road 220 across Clearfork Creek and up the hill across Fredrica Wiegand's inherited lands, and then across Phyllis Wiegand's inherited lands, thence turning North to Caldwell County Road FM 20, Farm to Market Road 20, next to Interstate Tollroad I 135.  This being filed of record in the Deed Records of Caldwell County, Texas; the local texas state district courts ignored the FACT that Fredrica Kinnard and the City of Lockhart intentionally built a 5-strand barbed wire fence ACROSS the County Road 220 with the obvious and overt intention of blocking her brother Frederick Wiegand Jr from his only ingress and egress to his land and home across Clearfork Creek, and in order to steal his mineral oil and gas rights without paying him.  These illegal actions included various persons in the City of Lockhart and the County of Caldwell and the local Texas State District Courts, namely Todd Blomerth. 
The present day 22 November 2018 also shows the 30-foot offset in the Caldwell County Road 220, part of what the city of Lockhart calls Cunningham Drive, where Caldwell County Road actively extends 100 feet onto the Frederick Wiegand Hermanos property CCAD 13489.

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