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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

the new horizontal 3rd lane NAFTA highway in Northern Mexico

the new 3rd NAFTA horizontal highway in Northern Mexico

the  new under-construction now horizontal 3rd lane NAFTA highway in Northern Mexico

As a PyME Mexican subcontractor with some highway construction equipment;  Wiegand company in Texas and Mexico needs a one-million dollar construction silent-partner to finance the purchase of highway construction equipment, used and new, and import it into Northern Mexico soonest.  NAFTA is an international business, and the traffic volume per 24-hr day is even more than on the Khobar double 4-lane highway in and out of  Khobar, KSA. This includes D2 imports from Texas.  Wiegand is buying and importing the requested highway construction equipment, and has this day entered into a verbal substantial contract.  So this online request for NAFTA financial support is timely and correct, because the highway is making rapid progress, and is the most horizontal highway possible  in Northern Mexico to the USA border.  The silent-partner funds will be used to buy highway construction equipment manufactured in the USA, and used in the USA and Northern Mexico.   The equipment and contract are the loan collateral.   All transactions will be double-internationally-monitored and QCed.

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