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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

abbreviated  list  of  stolen  Wiegand  oilfied equipment, stolen in May and June 2016

thefts of Wiegand oilfield equpment constitute federal felonies

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Wiegand  Brothers  Drilling  Company  of  Mexico  did not / has not  authorized  the  removal  of  the following  Wiegand drilling  and oilfield  equipment from the Wiegand ranch house and 9.5 acre yard at 230 Wiegand Road, Lockhart, TX 78644  (CCAD 13414) :


three  Model  RL  Cardwell  drilling rigs

1965  Mack B61 Thermodyne  winch truck  Serial  Number  B61S46898

1976  Diamond  Reo  tandem axle winch truck with poles  DREG4H058-2223

Oilwell 214P  duplex mudpump on lowboy tandem-axle trailer Ser No O214057

Dean Bros.  duplex 6x10  mud pump on lowboy trailer

Waukesha 6 cylinder propane engine on lowboy trailer


two each  Dodge  Power Wagons 4x4 with PTO front-bumper winches 

Serial  Numbers:


drill collars



three steel  doghouses with thousands of dollars of  rig / pipe handling tools 

American Corsicana 57 inch rotary table

Gumbo Buster 7 x 14 mud pump on skids

two bulldozers  D 7s with Serial  Number  9G940  and  another  purchased  from Holt Catepillar in San Antonio, TX

and other oilfied equipment


all of this equipment passed on MLK Industrial Blvd  inside the Lockhart city limits, within 300 yards of the Caldwell County so-called Justice Center, and the  Lockhart  Police  Department Mike  Lumus  and the  Caldwell County Sheriff DanieL Law have refused to do anything about these continued thefts of Wiegand property, although they are required by state of Texas laws to take the complaints and make investigations.  Complaints  made  to the  Texas  Ranger in San Marcos, TX, have not yet  been answered.


Therefore,  Frederick Wiegand Jr. has continued to request that the US  Federal Bureau of  Investigation open a federal case against various  local authorities in Caldwell County, city of Lockhart, Texas state, for "hate crimes"  and federal  felonious  criminal  conspiracy  to  unethically,  wrongfully,  and  illegal  dispossess the Wiegand companies of their legal properties.  The  serial  numbers of  some of the equipment are now public,  and  more  will follow  soon.    The  federal  investigation against Tom Blomerth is also underway, as well as investigations by the Texas Commission on Judicial Conduct.  Tom Blomerth was city attorney when he represented the city of Lockhart in lawsuits  against Wiegand for rights of way for the Twin Island main 18 inch sewerline to the TwinIsland  lift  station in back of, and south of, the Wiegand ranchhouse; and by the Texas Judicial Code of Ethics, was barred from acting in an official capacity in lawsuits against Frederick Wiegand Jr. and certain Wiegand companies in Texas.  Maybe  that is one reason that he will NOT be running for any more public offices in the State of Texas.  This local authority has been knowingly and intentionally using state-convicted felons to bring various lawsuits against Fred Wiegand Jr.  Those  actions  impugn the local political officials  because  Mike Snider and Jonathan Davidson, both convicted criminals in the State of Texas, have repeatedly trespassed and stolen Wiegand money, jewelry, guns, welders, shop equipment,  and  in spite of many numerous  complaints  by Frederick  Wiegand  Jr.  to  the  Lockhart Police Department and the Caldwell County Sheriff's  Office;  no  arrests  have ever been made in the last ten years; nor indictments issued;  even though  Wiegand  pays  Caldwell County taxes,  and no county / school taxes are owing at this time.  So  the  local political  officials  prefer to associate themselves with convicted criminals in order to attempt to wrongfully dispossess the Wiegand family of  their legal properties.  Only  federal intervention  will cure these crimes.  The  FBI  should  also require  the  City of Lockhart  to dig out  all the corpses and bones  that the city has buried  under the illegal  shooting range on the west side of the Lockhart Airport near the Twin Island Sewerage Lift Station across the fence from the Wiegand Ranchhouse; and examine  all the bones of the dead animals,  several tons of them,  for  human  remains, DNA  of  missing humans,  and  provide proper  burial for those unnamed victims.   It might be ok to run a check on those missing persons in Texas, against any DNA results in the hidden  burial trenches under the city's illegal shooting range next to the sewerage lift station.  That group consisted of / consists of  the former city attorney Todd Blomerth,  the former city manager Vance Rogers, the former city planner and co-conspirator Dan Gibson, and the attorney owning the adjacent property to the Twin Island Sewerage Lift Station.   He did not have clean hands because he was involved in the city of Lockhart trash dump criminal coverup.  It is a federal felony to  intimidate  a federal  witness  with illegal  state criminal lawsuits.  Those taint the state judicial system from 2009 - O - 0369 through Austin 3 COA 03-15-00611-C to Amarillo  7 COA 07-15-00406-CV.  And none of those state lawsuits can create legal authority to steal  the Wiegand Hermanos  Mexican oilfield trucks and drilling rigs, as revenge for testifying against the coverup alleged criminals in federal court.  Frederick Wiegand Jr. has again filed in March 2017  felony criminal complaints with the FBI against  Fredrica Wiegand Carpenter Kinnard and Phyllis  Wiegand  French Metcalf  for trespassing  and thefts of Frederick's  private property and sentimental items, including his United States Army uniform.  However, due to the ongoing criminal felonious conspiracy by Caldwell County and State of Texas officials for over fifteen (15) years now,  the  U.S. Attorney General's Office has yet to indict any of them.  Frederick  Wiegand Jr. paid for three ( 3 ) jury trials in Caldwell County, Texas; but never got any ONE of them.  Frederick's  lawyer Susan Henricks took her job with the State of Texas, and withdrew without his permission from Caldwell County Texas District Court civil case  2009-Other-09369, after 4 years of litigation, leaving Frederick with a wrongful judgment in favor of his sister Rica who committed perjury, and so far, has got away with it. Reference  7th Court of Civil Appeals case 07-15-0406 in Amarillo, Texas decided in July 2015. Therefore,  I  allege  and claim that the former city of Lockhart TX officials, Dan Gibson and Vance Rogers, and the former Caldwell County officials  Tom Bonn and Richard Regan Trey Hicks III, Texas attorney,  were all co-conspirators in an felonious criminal effortt to wrongfully take away from Frederick Wiegand Jr his inherited land because of the oil and gas rights, including the 141.38 acres which block the development of the SouthWest Quadrant of the City of Lockhart and the extension of the Martin Luther King Industrial Boulevard to the Interstate 135 toll road on the NorthWest corner of the Lockhart State Park, which adjoins the Frederick Wiegand Jr. properties.

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