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land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

CNH replied.  now need to post bond.

CNH has. replied. / now just need financial partner

CNH has  replied  to  the  Wiegand  128 page executed block contract, and CNH  makes certain requirements. Wiegand solicits from sophisticated investor $15 million USDollars to post bond to CNH / SENER and $5 million USD  to put equipment and oilwells back into production.  This is an abandoned saltdome oilfield near Veracruz, Veracruz, south of Tampico, with 320 shallow oilwells.  Wiegand has Wiegand Rig #1 in Mexico, and need a few repairs, but operational at this time.  All legal documents are handled by Wiegand's team of experts, lawyers, accounts, lobbyists, etc. 

Time is of  the essence  in these bidding rounds.  Therefore,  Wiegand  solicits  a  speedy reply via confidedntial email  to :  whpsa@yahoo.com.mx  and federicotampico@yahoo.com.mx

The unpredicted fall of the world price of crude oil, has taken its toll on many countries.  Mexico is not alone with its shrinked budgets due to the declined price of petroleo.  However,  the new year 2016 is around the corner; and the BULLS are beating their drums for what's to come.  The BEARS already got what they wanted.


SENER / CNH, favor de notificarme oficialmente de su mInima fianza para calificar estilo tarde para licitar en aguas someras tanto q en tierra.  Secretariat of Energy Mexico and Comision National de Hydrocarbons,   pse notify me of  your minimum bond amount in official correspondence soonest, and I will post bond for a late bid on aguas someras blocks  near Cantarell.

The new natural gas pipeline north of Monterrey, Mexico, is making rapid progress through the mountains.  A  personal eye-witness observation of the Los Ramones new pipeline turnkeyed by Pemex to a responsible contractor.  Look for Los Ramones pipeline on youtube.com.

Looks like it's on hold until 1 1 2016 and thereafter.


Ing. Federico Wiegand  ( federico de tampico )

USA telephone for msgs only  512  938 7045 





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