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Wiegand Hermanos

a trip through time in the petroleum history of Mexico


 8 July 20W15 Wiegand Hermanos submitted its first proposed contract to CNH to repair a shall salt.dome oilfield in the state of Veracruz, Mexico.

8 July 2015  Wiegand  Hermanos  submitted its first proposed contractract to CNH to repair a shallow salt.dome oilfield in the State of Veracruz, Mexico.


All of the  Wiegand brothers and sisters of this family,  were born of German parents, in Mexico, before June 1900.  By the laws of Mexico,  all of  these Wiegand brothers and sisters automatically  had Mexican citizenship, even though of German blood,  simply because they were born in Mexico.  To date,  many  people fail to understand this, or refuse to accept it.  All of the Wiegand brothers and sisters of this family had dual citizenship -- German  and  Mexican.  Later in their lives, most of them moved to Texas, where they lived long enough to get United States of America USA citizenship, too.  World Wars I and II had very detrimental impacts on this family because of the German name.  Frederick Wiegand served in World War I, and obtained USA citizenship in 1918 in Boston, Massachusetts.  At that time he held three nationalities legally. When he returned to Mexico, his brothers persuaded him to go to Poza Rica, Veracruz, to work in the oilfields.  Having graduated from Massassachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 3 years with a mining engineer degree, Frederick Wiegand and his brothers Wiegand Hermanos started their first oil company, and used a steam engine drilling rig to drill their first 1,000 bopd heavy oil well in Xacamistle, Veracruz in 1924.  Wiegand Hermanos continued successful drilling with their own money, and drilled about fifteen flowing oilwells in Alamo, Poza Rica, and Cerro Azul.  They were millionaires in the 1920s in Mexico.  But in 1929, they saw the first "Bust" in their San Antonio, Texas, office, where one man jumped out of the Milam Building downtown when the New York stockmarket crashed.  The next thing that happed was the Mexican Expropriation of 1938, when the Mexican national oil company expropriated all of the Wiegand Hermanos oil and gas wells and equipment and office documents, and NEVER paid them a cent.  That is the biggest reason that the Old Pre2014 Pemex put the Wiegand name on their blacklist.  There were other reasons, confidential to this day.   The son  of  Frederick Wiegand Sr. is still living at this time, and has more knowledge of the Wiegand wells in Mexico, than probably any other person in the world.  World Wide Wiegand remembers the stories of his father, during the many trips they made together to the oilfields and mines in Mexico.  So  it  was  an  accomplishment for the son to return to Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico this March 2015,  2015 - 1922 = 93 years later,  and  re-organize Wiegand Hermanos Mexican oil company.

 Here is the deal for sophisticated oil and gas international investors:Wiegand Jr.  has  an operational drilling / workover rig in Mexico at this time.  Many companies are pulling out.  But Jr. figures the price of oil and gas will go up again, so Wiegand Hermanos has selected 10 shallow heavy oil wells that were producing over 50 bopd with minimal watercut, and is proposing to the licitation block winners to "farm out" these Wiegand-selected wells to Wiegand Hermanos, so that Wiegand Hermanos can repair those wells.  Then the licitation block winners will pay by first rights, all of the contracted costs to Wiegand Hermanos, out of production in the minimum amount of three hundred percent of Wiegand's costs statement, in the first two years of production.  The national oil company can monitor the deal, but has no direct intervention between Wiegand Hermanos and the licitation block winners.  All documents are made by Mexican notary publics, lawyers, and accountants.  No Pemex approval is necessary because this is a SUB-SUB-contract by a Pemex-approved vendor / contractor, totally Mexican.  Even though there are Mexican investors, Jr. is searching for international investors, also.  They have to be designated as "international sophisticated investors".  The amount of funding solicited by World Wide Wiegand by Internet in the world, is  two million US dollars in a Mexican bank.  The work is scheduled to begin in two months. Jr.  USA telephone 512 938 7045 for more information.








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