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Wiegand Theory of Oil

Crude oil was formed over millions of years by organic and animal materials, and trapped in porous rocks on the earth.

Drilling engineers make drilling programs for special machine systems, called drilling rigs, to drill holes into the ground to explore for, discover, and produce crude oil.

At this time, the price of crude oil has almost reached one hundred dollars a barrel.

However, Fred Wiegand, Sr. sold hundreds of thousands of barrels of oil in Old Mexico for 50 U.S. cents per barrel, from 1948 through 1978, from the wells that Wiegand Brothers Drilling Company of Mexico drilled before and after Pemex.


Fred Wiegand Jr. and son Carl J. Wiegand have designed, originated, and presented eight ( 8 ) petroleum engineering courses in 3 countries to over 60 engineers, including seven ( 7 ) courses for Haward Technology Middle East of Abu Dhabi, UAE; and one course entitled "Deepwater Drilling Engineering" for UNI Stratetic of Singapore, Malaysai, which course was presented the first week of July 2009 in Kuala Lumpur, MY.  The latest course was presented in Dubai in latter October 2010, entitled Artificial Lift Optimization, which compared 7 types of artificial lift, including gas lift, ESPs, PCPs, reciprocating rod pumps, rotary rod pumps, plunger lift, jet lift, and other prototype methods of artificial lift.  Lifting costs were discussed for each type of artificial lift.

Wiegand Engineering Inc. is RWA to present petroleum engineering courses world wide, whether in a public venue such as a 5-star hotel downtown, or in a private venue in the O & G E & P's offices.  This includes well control instructions.