Colonel Frederick Wiegand II   
IWCF Drill Engineer Supervisor Superintendent
  new USA celfon  1 512 995 5853    
old USA celfon  1 512 995 6203 
new  USA  celfon  1  512 995  1400 
COA new mailing address
230  Wiegand Ranch Road 
230 Wiegand Road
Lockhart, TX 78644
next to the Caldwell County Justice Center
NEED INVESTOR TO buy  Wiegand Ranch  Subdivision
5.585 acre corner lot for sale asking $490,000.
1000 Cunningham Drive at Thayer gravel Road
buyer can subdivide ino 5 lots with all utilities available 

land thirteen million USD justice center Lockhart, Caldwell County #13489

Work Experience 53 years + in 28 countries of the world

World Wide Drilling Engineering & Supervision, onshore offshore
messages via email to
 Price of CCAD 13489 has gone up to  fourteen million US dollars.
Russia has invaded NATO country Ukraine. Millions of refugees. Many soldiers killed. Putin reported wounded..
Yevgeny Prigozhin of St. Petersburg, reportedly died  in place crash 27 August 2023. 
512 995 6203 WhatsApp 

512 995 6203    WhatsApp
512  995  1400   WhatsApp
All Wiegand Hermanos drilling junk iron on Wiegand Ranch in TX
has now been stolen or sold, except  Wiegand Rig # 1 the Brewster N-3
drilling rig has moved back to Mexico, and is still for  sale.  ARAMCO
should biuy it to make another museum in Saudi Arabia KSA.. This is
the same rig that drilled the Wiegand heavy asphalt  oil wells in
Cacalilao, Veracruz,   ( which flowed under natural reservoir pressure
from 1952 to 2019,the longst producing oilwells in the history of Mexico )
intointo Sinclair Station #4's 50,000 barrel
steel stock tanks ).
Frederick Wiegand Jr was a USA citizen in 1983, and
Pemex Corporate (modified) abandonded the Pemex - Wiegand
contracts of 1949, 1950, 1951 and 1952.  Circa  28 February
2019, Frederick W Wiegand II was solicited by Pemex - related
international drilling contractor reps, to find a good shallow-water
jackup rig, and bring it to Mexico down close to Ciudad del Carmen,
Campeche state.  So today, after many, many years;  the presidente
of Wiegand Hermanos Perforadores, Sociedad Anónima ( S.A.) is
going to "change his story".  Revised --Many years ago, the
Mexican consitution forbade "royalties", and so the
Pemex - Wiegand contracts were called "service contracts".  The
INCREDIBLE THING is that Pemex actually paid those Wiegand
contracts from 1952 until 1983 !  F Wiegand Sr died in 1978, so Jr
kept on collecting from 1979 to 1983.  That was 31 years in a row
that Pemex paid Wiegand !  In February 2019, a Pemex-related
international drilling contractor asked Ing. Federico Wiegand II
to bring in a shallow-water jackup rig to drill and complete wells to a
formation with Initial Reservoir Pressure of 16,250 psi !  That is ALOT
of presión del yacimiento.  So the BOPE of the Wiegand jackup rig 
is planned for minimum of 15,000 psi BOPE (SF<1).  The water depth is
about 30 meters, and the air gap required is another 30 meters.  
Since FW is has changed his "story" about Pemex, and helping
AMLO restore confidence in Pemex (after the huachicolero fires
on the pipelines);  then FW says that the Pemex bonds do NOT
deserve the reputation of "junk bonds" because Mexico has more
reserves of oil and gas in the Mexican GOM, than the USA and
Canada.  OK, maybe it is mostly deepwater, but Mexico ( and
I will now help Pemex do it ) will soon beat out Brazil and Venezuela
and maybe India in deepwater exploration and discoveries, nerly 3 million
BOPD.  ( It is hard to beat India.) All SFs should approach a minimum of
ONE, and the Pemex  norms should so state.

AMLO is right, and he is helping restore confidence in Pemex and 
the Mexican oil and gas industry.  I support AMLO and will now
help Pemex do it.     The Wiegand asphalt wells in the State
of Veracruz, Mexico, are still producing to this day by artificial lift.  
Am Ready to work again for Pemex to discover new oil and gas fields,
and import the necessary  drilling rigs and production equipment
to do it.  
For sale:  ten thousand acre ranch in Northern Mexico 

 more  than 145.38  acres inside small town of Lockhart, county of Caldwell, Texas

Caldwell County Appraisal District  property ID  13489

35 miles South of State Capital Austin, TX 78711

TX DOT planning the SouthWest Loop of the City of Lockhart across the Wiegand Ranch Subdivision, at Fred's request 

the SouthWest Loop of Lockhart will tie I130 tollroad to FM20 to US Hwy 183 


Dell  and  Tesla  35 miles North up I130 to  Austin,  TX  the state  capital 

 ready for subdividing 

Work Experience:
2024 MAY 20  MONDAY

-- selling  CCAD 13489  Wiegand  Ranch  Subdivision.  Fred is  continuing 2021 projects, including sales of heavy construction equipment and machinery in Old Mexico..  Still planning to run Wiegand Rig #1 in Mexico.  Persuaded the Texas Railroad Commission to spell company name Wiegand Brothers Drilling Co.  correctly for the first time in eighty years.nunc pro tunc Master Default Order # 112 dated 6 August 2019 Tuesday.
2018 November 28,  attended.participated the live online WorldOil webcast by Vallourec "Smart Tubular Solutions:  Deepwater Applications" for designing, handling, manufacturing, running, QCing, and tracing deepwater casing string projects, including evaluation of the capability, expertise, and service of the life.cycle deepwater casing projects", by Stewart Cole and Michele Cowart, 1 hr world wide internet webcast.   ref API RP 5C1 CAL 1 - 4  . 
2018 - 2010  bilingual international consulting petroleum engineer and geologist in Mexico.  sales of construction, mining and farming equipment.  imports.  street  and  highway  construction projects.  international sales of oil and gas properties.  construction with,  and sales of,  industrial backhoes, Cat, Ford and International; and  asphalt paving equipment.    water.well drilling rig.   Au treasure hunter.
53 years after Vietnam combat , Major US Army combat engineer MOS combat engineer
Junior  Vice  Commander  of  Lockhart  VFW  Veterans  of  Foreign  Wars 


FREDERICK  WIEGAND                                 msgs  by email to 


 emergency contact number, in case of well / rig fires

 512 995 1400 

priced reduced to CCAD appraisal "value" 

yard  and ranchhouse at

230 Wiegand Road

Lockhart, TX 78644   (not for sale )



WORK   HISTORY:                                                                                                                               
2023-2024 selling Wiegand Ranch Subdivision inside the city limimts of Lockhart, Texas 78644
 2020 - 2023  Virtual work as expert engineer advior for  Asian  Development Bank in the country of the Phillippine Islands  for the island country of  Somoa in the  Pacific.  Continuing small business in Mexico.  Import / export construction and ag equipment .
FEMA / FEGA emergency response coordination services, bilingual, international.    re-entries into natural gas wells in Campos Velero y Pandura, Tamps. MX.  drilling and repairing "deep" water wells for potable drinking water during Covid 19 pandemia.
2019 -  2010:  PyME businessman in Mexico. importation and sales of all types of heavy equipment, including new oilfield equipment made in China.
   International investment adisor and international project manager and sales.
2015.   Bilingual petroleum engineering university professor in Mexico.  Still moving Wiegand Rig 1 in Mexico towards Poza Rica and Villahermosa.  Need investor to pay for transportation and repair of rig.  Rig presently located near Monterrey, NL, Mexico.  Designing new course "A petroleum engineering course on deepwater drilling" in English.  Searching for clients who will pay a deposit for my new course on deepwater driling 2019 to buy the presentation anywhere in the world except the USA.  Preparing new public course called "Hidraulicamente fracturar pozos petroleros de petroleo crudo y gas natural" with reputable International engineering companies, to present worldwide in Spanish.
2014.   Soliciting  JV partners for  investing  in Mexico horizontal and ERD shale gas well drilling and production, and  licitaciones para  reacondicionar pozos en region marina mexicana del Golfo de Mexico  Ronda 3.2.  Presented 3 day horizontal, multilateral and ERD shale gas well course to the foremost technical experts and professors of the Mexican Petroleum Institute ( IMP ) in Mexico City at the Instituto Mexicano de Petroleo main headquarters.
2013.        Made international rig move of Brewster N3  1500 meter  drilling  rig  from Wiegand  Ranch Texas  down  to Monterrey area Mexico, and am  searching  for  international  partners  to  repair  old  oil and gas wells and shale gas wells  in Mexico  under  new 2014  Mexico  Energy Law.   Am  contracted  vendor sales rep for several  China  companies for oilfield and mining equipment.  Presented  my  Deepwater Drilling course in Mexico City in March 2013 in 95 percent Spanish language.    Am  negotiating  mining  contracts, visiting mines and mills  and  meetings.   In Jan 2013, completed  Well Control School  online university eLearning System 21  surface - subsea well control course at supervisor level with 93% final  score.  Well control certificate current until 2015.  Current with wellsite supervisor ID cards.   Am  soliciting international partners for integral contracts with Mexican national oil company  for  deep exploration drilling rig and wells in Tabasco, South Mexico.
  2012 --    2011  my eldest natural son Carl Jonathan Wiegand disappeared in Mexico in March 2010, and has never been found.  various mining projects, including barite mines in Mexico.  registered contractor and supplied to Mexico national oil company.  Project Dragon, Petroleos de Venezuela, drillships.  IWCF exams, BOGota, Colombia.  Aramco  senior drilling foreman, exploration drilling in Middle East.  drilling blind with total lost circulation, Shaybah desert.  Officing in Dammam, KSA and  BAHrain.   Now linking up with Pemex  deepwater drilling manger of operations.  Mining concessions in Mexico, Au, Pb, Ag, and other precious metales.   IADC accredited world wide instructor   Bahrain,  Saudi,   Singapore.  
  2010  October:  Fred and son Carl Wiegand presented Fred's 8th international petroleum engineering course on Artificial Lift Optimization in Dubai, UAE, Middle East to participants from four national oil companies for Haward Technology.  Comparisons of 7 methods of Artificial Lift were made, including but not limited to gas lift, ESPs, PCPs, reciprocating rod pumps, rotating rod pumps, plunger lift, jet lift, and other prototype methods, including fiberglass sucker rods.   Deepwater Drilling Superintendent, CONSON, Ho Chi Minh City, Port of Saigon, Vietnam, South China Sea, South East Asia, Gau Chua 2X horizontal hardrock granite basement fracture play oil well, Block 10 and 11.1.  Drilled 12 1/4" directional hole with BHI AutoTrak BHA, ran and cemented 9 5/8" casing with two stages cement job from floating TransOcean semisubmersible drilling rig Actinia.  Crude oil to the surface.  IADC surface / subsea well control course, Wild Well Control Inc., Broussard, Louisiana, supervisor level.  Well Control Certificate good until 2012.     Field Service Engineer, VetcoGray GE, took course on subsea wellheads, SG5, MS700, and subsea wellhead running tools, Houston.  
   2008 - 2009  Designed and presented WEI's newest course Deepwater Drilling Engineering in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, June 2009.      InterActPMTI  seconded  to   Sea Dragon – Egypt as Senior Offshore Drilling Superintendent, exploration directional well from TransOcean jackup rig # 103, Gulf of Suez near Zafarana,   Egypt.  
   2007 - 2008    EPI seconded to  ConocoPhillips, as  drilling supervisor on Precision land rig #403, Wyoming, USA, drilled to 11,800 ft TVD in 30 days & ran 4.5” casing.  Good gas well.  
  2006 - 2007    Boots & Coots employee seconded to Respsol – Algeria as Well Control Engineer, Hassi Messaoud, Sahara Desert, Algeria, well control policy & hardware.  Attended Murchison Drilling Schools and completed same, earning course certificate and well control certificate.     
  2006 - 2011  Haward Technology of Abu Dhabi, UAE, Middle East, contracted international petroleum engineering instructor for  Arabic-speaking engineers of national E&P companies on advanced petroleum engineering subjects.  “Drilling & Completion Fluids”,  “Well Completions and Workovers” and “Modern Production Practices”, “Petroleum Exploration Risk Analysis, Decision Theory, and Economics”           
  2005 – 2006   SONANGOL, national oil company of Angola, West Africa, worked AS Deepwater Drilling Superintendent in Sonangol office, Luanda, Angola, and make trip to PACassa Offshore platform  and Kissamama main barge for offshore field.     Knowledge Reservoir, worked on Repsol Argentina Project, Staff Drilling Engineer and Petroleum Geologist, new drilling and production technology, including casing drilling, DynaPumps, and fiberglass sucker rods.  Geological report on San Jorge Basin, onshore & offshore maps, Southern Argentina.    Hamilton Engineering, worked for Forest Oil Co. as drilling supervisor on a H & P deep land rig near Pecos, West Texas,  on a well control job, with a snubbing unit on top of a drilling rig, due to very high pressures.   Worked for Peregrine O & G, Houston, on Offshore OCS-G shallow-water Ship Shoals Block 84,  as drilling supervisor drilling a new vertical hole to 13,000 ft on mat-supported Hercules 20 jackup rig.   EPI, worked for TXM – Hungary as Sr. Drilling Engineer and Supervisor.  Designed Mako #6 to 6000 m as the “deepest” 2005 exploration gas well in Hungary.  Spudded Pustaser Well #1 with Crosco Rig 403 on 7 Dec 2005.     K & M Technology, worked for PGP Exploration as platform day and night drilling supervisor on Platform Irene for ESP heavy-oil workover of directional oilwell, and ERD sidetrack horizontal well drilling on Platform Hidalgo .  Complex completions with swell packers and Intelligent Well Completions with 7 control lines on 3-1/2” production tubing with gas lift.  Heavy oil horizontal oilwells with sour production in OCS offshore California waters.    
  2004   TransJordan Exploration Operations and Drilling Superintendent,  , drilled 2 deviated exploration holes from same surface casing, i.e., multilateral by geosteering using mud motor and Gamma ray directional tools, stuck pipe, lost circulation, drilling Phase II, openhole fm testing, run and set 7” casing, perforating, cased hole testing, swabbing, P&A.   Admasco landrig #5 on East Bank of Dead Sea below sea level with Middle Eastern crews.  Multinational personnel relations and logistics on the Dead Sea in Jordan, Middle East.    
  2002 - 2004   EPI, Pogo Producing company man, drilling 11,000 ft deviated land wells in the Lobo Trend, South Texas, with a H & P state-of-the-art computerized Flex III Rig in 16 days with 2 day rig moves.  Phase I, II and III drilling, including lost circulation, higher gas  units in transition zones, running and cementing casing, use of rotary steerable directional drilling assemblies, etc. , out of Zapata, Texas.                 Shell  SEPCO drilling foreman on   Cognac Deepwater Platform, US GOM OCSG offshore Louisiana, simultaneous workovers on deepwater fixed  production platform.   Emergency operations after  Ivan.                Petroleum Engineering Intl  Company Man on  jackrup rig TODCO 207, drilling Phase I and II on directional gas well offshore OCSG Lousiana.   Company Man, jackup rig TODCO 251 offshore OCSG Louisiana, completion of oil & gas well with gaslift completion string, pressure tests,  perf zone with e-wireline, run tubing, test well, jack down and away from completed well offshore.  
   2000 - 2002  Saudi Aramco drilling foreman on horizontal extended-reach geosteered oilwells, drilling through lost circulation zones with mudcaps, 22" x 18" Phase, 16" x 13" Phase, 12" x 9" Phase, 8" x 7" Phase, 6" x 4" Phase, horizontal oilwell completion with 4.5" tubing with PBR and tie-back, 12,000 bbls per day crude with 0% water cut, geosteering in the middle of Arab D zone along dip, casing seat selection from ROP charts and samples, multi-stage cementing, open-hole packers, PJSMs, reamup  tight spots, Totco slickline surveys, slickline completions with X-type plugs, flow well testing.      1999     Apache North Sea  drilling engineer at Alba Gate, wrote Forties Echo Well 12- Side Track 1 (FES12ST1) Drilling Programme and Detailed Drilling Guidelines for re-entry and sidetrack to new Bottom Hole Location, planned workover using Galaxy 1 jackup rig. Pan European North Sea Survival Course., HUET, etc.   

Drilling / Operations Superintendent, Trans Jordan Oil, Admasco Rig #5, Dead Sea Concession in Jordan, Wells Wadi Mujib # 2 and Ash Shaqiq # 1, geosteering directional wells in Cambrian highly-fractured sandstones and into the Dead Sea rift basement.


    POSITION:   Drilling Superintendent,  IWCF Surface Subsea Drilling Supervisor, IADC Company Man, Drilling Engineer, Completions Engineer, Drilling Manager, International Multilingual Instructor world wide

    NAME: Frederick W. Wiegand, Jr. ( Mr. Wiegand, Dr. Wiegand, or COL Wiegand}

    2019-2010  PyME businessman in Mexico

    March 2012 -- still rotating to Saudi, but available for other jobs, also,  based upon dayrate and class of world wide airplane tickets.

    Saudi Aramco  senior drilling foreman,  exploration drilling in deep desert areas,  new important discoveries.  drilling  blind.  H2S certificate.  well control course with appraisal at Drillsim classroom in Dhahran, KSA.   

    2011  Saudi Aramco  senior drilling foreman, exploration drilling in deep desert areas.   drilling instructor at SPSP with  Arab students in Dhahran.

    October 2011 -- Singapore, presented course "Deepwater Well Design and Management" 

    February  2011-- IADC well control certificate by Wild Well Control Inc., good through 2012 

    January 2010 -- MS 700 VetcoGray subsea wellhead course, Houston, TX, deepwater well design

    Pan European North Sea Survival 5 day Course in Aberdeen, 10-14 Nov 03, including OPITO-approved Basic Offshore Safety Induction & Emergency, Breathing Systems, FireFighting, Re-Breather System for Helicopter Underwater Escape Training HUET, Norwegian legislation, First Aid, life vests, boats & rafts, Evacuation Procedures, METS, TEMPSC lifeboat procedures, and GMDSS and electronic beacons. Drilling supervisor medical certificate, valid 11-14 November 2004

    many industry and college courses

    April 2003 completed Phase I IWCF subsea drilling supervisor; May 2003, passed IWCF with 97% grade. July 2007,  December 2007, February 2008 IADC certificates.

    Well Control certificates valid from 1977 through 2015 , current H2S  certificate good for 2 years until 2013

    Licensed PROFESSIONAL Engineer #35635, State of Texas, valid 2013.

    PhD certificate from online Woodfield "university", based on life experiences

    The University of Texas at Austin,
    Master of Science DEGREE in Petroleum Engineering 1970 with Thesis on Rocks Mechanics 

    Bachelor of Science DEGREE in Geology 1969
    Bachelor of Science DEGREE in Petroleum Engineering 1969

    Thomas Jefferson High School, San Antonio, TX; graduated 1964 w/ honors 

    online PhD doctorate degree in Education, Woodfield University, and cooperation with Nigerian university for degree program for Nigerian petroleum engineering students 

    BASED: Texas, USA,  Monterrey, Mexico,  Khobar, Saudi Arabia, and ManAma, Bahrain

    March 2014 --  barite sales, exporting from mines and mills in  Mexico across international boundaryline into Texas. importing China Taifu submersible pumps through port of Manzanillo, state of Colima, Mexico, legally with pediemento using A As Agente Aduanales.            

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            January 2013 --  completed online System 21 eLearning well control course  in one  week with final grade 93%,  good  through 2015.


N3 in Mexico
swab and workover shale gas wells

2000 - 1980

Company Man for Pogo Producing, H&P Flex III Rig 232 (computerized) supervising drilling operations of natural gas wells in the Lobo Trend, South Texas. 11,000 ft wells in 17 days. Tight hole problems, normal Phase I, II and III drilling, and coordination of supplies and vendors.

Company Man for Shell on Cognac Deepwater Production Platform, GOM Louisiana. Simultaneous operations. Emergency operations after Ivan storm. Drilling, workover and production responsibilities.

Company Man, jackup rig TODCO 207 offshore OCSG Louisiana, drilling new directional well, cementing 10-3/4" casing, drilling 9.5" hole.

Compny Man, jackup rig TODCO 251 offshore OCSG Louisiana, completion of oil & gas well with gaslift completion string, pressure tests, perf zone with e-wireline, run tubing, test well, jack down and away from completed well offshore.

Drilling Foreman & Liasonman, Saudi Aramco, horizontal extended-reach geosteered oilwells, drilling through lost circulation zones with mudcaps, 22" x 18" Phase, 16" x 13" Phase, 12" x 9" Phase, 8" x 7" Phase, 6" x 4" Phase, horizontal oilwell completion with 4.5" tubing with PBR and tie-back, 12,000 bbls per day crude with 0% water cut, geosteering in the middle of Arab D zone along dip, casing seat selection from ROP charts and samples, multi-stage cementing, open-hole packers, PJSMs, reamup tight spots, Totco slickline surveys, slickline completions with X-type plugs, flow well testing. Materials requistioning and inventorying. Rig move with 6 cranes and 40 tandem-axle flat beds of 20,000 ft drilling rig in 3 days. Desert operations with satcom and Inet communications, including GPS. Use of Oracle daily reports and Word and Excel spreadsheets for engineering programs and inventories.

Drilling Engineer, Apache North Sea at Alba Gate, wrote Forties Echo Well 12-Side Track 1 (FES12ST1) Drilling Programme and Detailed Drilling Guidelines for re-entry and sidetrack to new Bottom Hole Location, planned workover using Galaxy 1 jackup rig. Pan European North Sea Survival Course. Sales trip to Venezuela. Drilling supervisor, land rig in South Texas, Phase I and Phase II drilling vertical hole of high-pressure natural gas well. Completed IWCF course and passed surface / subsea drilling supervisor exam in May.

Drilling Foreman, Yemen Hunt Oil Company, Al-Raja Field, desert of Central Yemen, supervised Nabors (Henley) Rig #1 while drilling Phase II the 12-1/4¨ hole and Phase III 8-1/2¨ vertical hole with mud motor through the Safer Salt formations to the Alif Sand. Briefly worked with completion rig, running 3-1/2 tubing for single completion on well that flowed 4,000 bopd with about 2 MMcfpd at 1800 FTP from about 10,000 ft. Made morning reports in Excel. Coordinated Beduin guards, Yemen military and Yemen sheiks for water hauling. Spoke in Arabic with multinational crews and service personnel. Also inventoried downhole tools and completion tools in Yemen Hunt warehouses. Had special ID tools made to my specs at the machine shops, and downhole tools repaired under my supervision.

Drilling Superintendent, Great Wall of China Drilling Co., Anaco, Vzla. Company Man, Consulting Engineer and Drilling Engineer, and Completions Engineer, vertical, directional and horizontal land and offshore oil & gas wells, South and West Texas, and GOM. Underbalanced drilling. Production while drilling. Slim hole drilling. Completions. Deep air drilling. Wrote drilling, completions and workover programs. Specialized downhole tools. Fish bone drilling.

Company Man for SINCOR, Orinoco Basin, South-Central Venezuela, drilling with a hydraulic rig, shallow, extended-reach horizontal development wells at ROPs of > 2000 fphr with LWD based on GR, advanced 3D computer datarecording while drilling, and completions. Simultaneous extended reach completions. Bilingual, multinational site management.

Alliance Coordinator, DKES, multilateral drilling and completions, highvolume, low-pressure deep S-shaped directional oil wells, Bogota, Colombia, in Yopal Field.

Drilling Engineer, desert land rigs, Khuff gas wells, Saudi Aramco, Ghawar Field, Saudi Aramco. Daily reports, bit studies, sidetracks, ROPenchancement, onsite modifications to the Khuff Deep Gas drilling programs. 7” completions.

Technical Manager of All Operations, Pan Ocean Oil Co., Lagos, Nigeria. Condensate well control. Production. Management. Managed all engineers in design of workovers and re-completions of 11,000 ft vertical wells in OgarafeeField, near Wari, Nigeria. Sand control, gravel packing, and completion wireline tools.  P & L responsibility.  Reported to the Managing Director of the Nigerian independent international oil company.  International Exploration Team Leader and Senior Drilling Engineer, design of drilling and completion programs of deep, high-pressure land exploration well, selection of contractors; startup of operations, Lagoven, Maturin, Venezuela. Drilling Supervisor, Qarun Petroleum, Western Desert of Egypt, vertical decimal overy well, EDC Rig 1. Helped decimal over the Qarun Oilfield.

Drilling Superintendent, Lake Maracaibo, floating and land rigs, WesternVenezuela, horizontal oilwell drilling and completions. Use of PH6 premium 2-3/8¨ tubing and slotted liners for horizontal completions.

Drilling Supervisor, simultaneous workovers, Chervon, offshoreplatforms, out of Lafayette, LA. Simultaneous completions on the main platform for 400,000 bopd.

Drilling Supervisor, worked on two jackup rigs in the Gulf of Suez for SUCO, and helped decimal over the Zafarana Offshore Oilfield. Tested decimal overy well with coil tubing on jackup rig.
Drilling Supeervisor, worked on land rig on artificial island west of Sinai, multiple directionals wells from pad location.

Petroleum Engineer, onshore/offshore drilling & workovers, oil and gas wells, Pioneer Exploration, Houston. Rod-pumped wells, single and dual completions gas and oilwells, packer selection, sand control, plugback design, and Corpus Christi Bay gas well workover.
Drilling Supervisor, directional drilling from artificial island in Gulf of Suez, PetroBel, Egypt.

Drilling Supervisor, Corpoven, deep high-pressure land drilling andcompletions
from multiple, high-pressure oil sands, Eastern Venezuela.

Drilling Superintendent, Corpoven, Anaco, land drilling andcompletions, deep high-pressure gas wells, multiple hydraulically-set production packers, Central Venezuela.

Drilling Supervisor and Senior Engineer, Meneven, Lake Maracaibo,jackups, Western Venezuela. Complex multiple completions from 3 zones with simultaneous production. Triple completions.

Drilling Supervisor, Kuwait Oil Co, Kuwait, onshore vertical H2Soilwell drilling. Rubber-sleeve coring, standard 3-1/2” completion with mechanical packer.

Drilling Supervisor, Occidental, various countries in South America, offshore semis & onshore, including Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. Drilling from deepwater semisubmersibleDiamond Hunter, Fortaleza, Brazil. Drilling and completions of vertical wells.

Drilling Engineer, Aramco, design of drilling programs, wellsitesupervision, well testing, and completions in various fields on land rigs, Saudi Arabia, including Ghwar and Ramlah.

1976 -78 Senior Deepwater Drilling Engineer, Esso ExplorationInc., drillships, West Africa and South America, wrote drilling and completion programs for subsea wells, for DP drillships.

1975-76 Independent Producer, Luling Oilfield, pumping wells. Drilling, design and completions and workovers of pumping oilwells with both low and high GORs. Hydraulic fracturing of Austin Chalk and Buda Limestone shallow oilwells.

1974 -75 Applications Engineer: Hydril in Houston. Design of tubing, casing, liner, drillpipe strings by computer. Design of completions, including multiple completions using CS and PH6.Surface and subsea BOP and BOP stack design, including servos and hydraulics; servicing & sales. Apprentice machinist.

1973 -74 Reserve Engineer, State of Texas. Reserve study, Texasoil & gas production, municipal water well and pipeline design and construction. Administration of state contracts.

1972 -73 Petroleum Engineer for Gulf Oil Company out ofHouston, Houma, onshore & offshore engineering, Texas and Louisiana. Reserve engineering and reservoir engineering.

1971 Combat Engineer, Corps of Engineers, U.S. Army, South Vietnam. Officer In Charge of all water well drilling rigs and drilling activities in South Vietnam, 1971. Road construction, bridge construction, and military operations in combat zones.



Fred Wiegand has 3 degrees from The University of Texas at Austin. Bachelor of Science Petroleum Engineer, Bachelor of Science Petroleum Geology, and Master of Science Petroleum Engineer,  specializing in deep well design, drilling and well control, including engineering well design and advanced wellsite supervision of any kind of drilling rig world wide.   He  also  has  an online  PhD in educatioin specializing in deepwater drilling engineer, and has annual 
Well Control Certificates good to 2015. Several  older ones, including  International Well Control Forum surface subsea drilling supervisor in May 2003 from Well Control School, with the Interactive International Well Control Forum subsea drilling supervisor certificate.  Fred Wiegnad has had well control certificates yearly since 1977, and has authored an article about well control in the industry magazine Petroleum Engineer International. He personally worked several kicks in his wellsite carreer, on the rig floor with the drillers and pushers on a jackup rig in GOM and on several land rigs. He worked on a drilling rig in the desert in Yemen, “turning and burning” in a vertical hole through the Safer Salt. He has supervised "state-of-the-art" computerized land rigs and drillships.

With over 48 years of drilling work, Dr. Wiegand has designed drilling and well-completion programs and supervised operations on many types of land rigs, and also have worked as company man on deepwater floaters, including jackup rigs, semi-submersible rigs and a drillship. This deepwater work was off West Africa and Eastern Brazil, and includes all phases of drilling, sidetracking, horizontal extended reach, well control, coring, stuck pipe, fishing, directional drilling, running and cementing casing and liners, deep air drilling, conventional drilling with oil-base muds, freshwater muds, and salt muds, drilling holes from 24” OD down to 4-3/4” OD, bit selection, coil tubing supervision for fishing and well testing from jackups, and well completions using tubing from 1 inch to 7 inches, with multiple completions, including multilateral completions in fishbone wells. I have also supervised many workover rigs, including hydraulic fracturing of wells, pulling rods & tubing, and balancing pump jacks.

Also, Dr. Engineer Wiegand has often designed the drilling and well completion programs for some of the deepest wells in the world -- setting records -- with the assistance of junior engineers, as the team leader, and then implemented the programs at the wellsite as senior drilling engineer or night company man or completions engineer. Pustaser #1, basin-centered non-conventional discovery well for shale gas, Budapesht Hungary; . Pustaser #1 and Mako #6 deepest well in Hungary 2005 to 6,000 meters.  Bertha Rogers Well #1 to 32,000 ft TVD in Oklahoma, USA.   Mr. Wiegand assited in thed design was FES12ST1, a side-track well on the Forties Echo platform in the North Sea, using Galaxy I jackup rig. He worked as supervisor on directional gas wells in the Lobo Trend, Zapata, Texas area with a Flex Rig III. He worked as drilling / operations manager & supervisor on Admasco Rig #5 on a complex multilateral exploratory well on the East Bank of the Dead Sea in the country of Jordan in the Middle East, and the deepest gas well in Hungary. Have made contacts for new business in Siberia, Russia and Poland in 2005. In 2006, Project management and reserve report for Take 5 Holdings LLC on 11,000 ft vertical wells near Norman, OK, USA. Drilling Supervisor Well Control Engineer, deep 17,450 ft well near Pecos, West Texas, using 10 Blow Out Preventers and snubbing unit. International Instructor for Haward Technology of Abu Dhabi, UAE, giving course entitled "Petroleum Risk Analysis using Monte Carolo Simulation, Decision Theory, and Economics" for Middle East oil company engineers, in Dubai. Trip to Europe Sept 06.  Drilling Supervisor, Luksar, drilling deep Khuff gas vertical exploration well in Rub Al Khali desert of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  Industry petroleum engineering courses given in The Middle East.

2018  continuing  online computer  work.  now making international deals using WhatsApp, an excellent computer platform for photos and videos.  2015-2013  continued email, spreadsheets, etc.   2013 took and completed  eLearning well control course online. 2012  -  2011  PowerPoint slide shows with 750 slides per Wiegand Inc.  industry petroleum engineering course.  Designed and presented seven petroleum engineering courses, including Deepwater Well Design and Management in Singapore in October 2011, and Deepwater Drilling Engineering, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2009.  Proprietary database analysis real time by WiFi worldwide.  Leading instructor for Haward Technology Middle East in Abu Dhabi and Dubai,  the world's leading financial center with the only / best 7 star hotel in the world --  Burj  Dubai.  DRSS  orders under Oracle, as used by Aramco for logistics supplies and inventory controls.  Sophisticated  documentation for daily requests for supplies at 150  drilling rigs operating 24 hrs per day in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for the largest oil company in the world -- 15 million bopd ( pure oil ).

2010 - 2006 Online world wide work. International instructor of "Petroleum Exploration Risk Analysis using Monte Carlo simluation, Decision Theory, and Economics" in Dubai, UAE, with Middle East students online during course. Advanced math and advanced computer techonology.

2003 - 2005 Daily use of Internet. Continuation of software and hardware studies. Computer systems: 3.0 GHz, 100 Gigabyte HDD, WiFi and WiLAN, LAN, 56Kv90 modems, and USB connections for digital photography and document scanning. Wireless transmissions of Daily Drilling Reports in DIMS, and daily reports in Excel and FoxPro. Well design with Word.  Other  proprietary  computer programs, including WellCAT.

2002 PC Technician courses and Certificate, hardware & software, use of Excel spreadsheets and Excel Course 1. Hardware assembly and testing.

2001 - 99 Applications, including hardware installation & trouble-shooting. Software updates. Webpages, .html, and some FoxPro applications to telephony.

1999 - 86 Computer Design & Applications Engineer / Consultant, working out of Lockhart, TX, on many projects using most of the popular integrated programs, and use of some proprietary programs. Database management. Hardware upgrading. Networking. LANs. InterNet programming, protocol setup, Webpage design using html, and other projects including some CAD/CAM work, AutoCAD 13. Many spreadsheets including Excel, VP, Symphony, Lotus 123, LWorks, MultiPlan, Procalc, and others. Many integrated wordprocessor -database -spreadsheet programs, including Wordperfect various versions, DBMS, Wordstar, FirstChoice, Professional Write, Microsoft Works, and others. GE Fanuc control systems for CNC 5-axes turning centers.

1986- 81 Hardware & Software Design & Application, Field Engineer, Egypt, setup FoxBase system to send daily drilling reports via SSB & satellite telephones to Houston, TX, from offshore rigs in Gulf of Suez. Other applications.

1978 - 81 Design & Application of Software, Delta Petroleum, Houston, TX, proprietary software & database management, programming with BASIC & Visual BASIC and ARIES. Use of TRS 80 I, III, 4P, laptops, and PCs.

1978 - 73 Sales / Design, Hydril, Houston, TX, operated HP9810A for designing pipelines with proprietary software.

1973 - 70 Computer Specialist/Engineer, Gulf Oil Co., Houston, TX, data entry in proprietary reservoir engineering programs on mainframe computers with proprietary software on IBM hardware. Team manager of multi-decimal ipline group on computerized mathematical modeling programs.

1971 Vietnam

1970 - 64 Entered UTA  Univesity of Texas at Austin , and began computer science, earth science, and engineering using IBM 1620 with Fortran with punch cards. Graduated.

End of Computer Experience Section.





"Deepwater Drilling Engineering", WEI, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, July 2009.

"Artificial Lift Optimization -- 10  methods of artificial lift",  Dubai  2010.

more public and private courses 

"Modern Production Practices", Haward Technology, Dubai, UAE, published and presented as public industry course in Dubai, UAE, 28 January - 1 February 2007.

"Well Completions and WorkOvers", published and presented as industry course in Abu Dhabi, UAE, 18 - 25 January 2007.

"Petroleum Risk Analysis, Decision Theory, and Economics", Haward Technology - PetroLab Engineering of Abu Dhabi, UAE, published and presented as industry course in Dubai, UAE 9 - 14 September 2006.

"The Design & Application of a BASIC Computer Program for Pocket Computers for Well Kill Operations", published worldwide in Petroleum Engineer Magazine, May, 1989.

Master of Science Thesis, "The Construction and Application of a High-Voltage Pulse Generator for Studies in Rock Mechanics", The University of Texas at Austin," 1970.

PhD Woodfield University online, with references to Nigeria technical manager work, doctoral dissertation "Deepwater Drilling Engineering", 1992.

Honorably disharged decorated Lieutenant Colonel, US Army, Corps of Engineers, Vietnam combat veteran.



Notable significant achievements to the benefit of my employers and associates and contracting companies:

Assisted in
  • The drilling of many oil and gas wells in many countries, sometimes in extreme environments.
  • The completion and repair (workover) of many oil and gas wells in many countries.
  • The discovery of several large oil and gas fields in several countries, including Zafarana in the Gulf of Suez for British Petroleum.
  • The production of hundreds of thousands of barrels of crude oil.
  • The production of billions of cubic feet of natural gas.
  • The design of offshore and land production facilities, their contruction and maintenance.
  • The design and maintenance of many drilling rigs, including semis and jackups.
  • The management of an independent oil and gas company in Nigeria.
  • The mentoring of junior engineers in other countries in other languages, including well control.
  • The development of computerized methods for advancing technology in petroleum engineering.
  • Presidents of small Texas, Mexico and Finland corporations, with legal training. Contractor protocols.
  • Other achievements, including the repair of many depleted oil and gas wells in Texas and Louisiana and GOM.
  • International Instructor, Haward Technology of Abu Dhabi, UAE, September 2006 to 2007, presented many industry public and in-house courses for Middle East oil companies.
  • International oil and gas well management and sales